How Do I Become a VA?

How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Welcome on your new journey to become a Virtual Assistant (VA). Arriving here at the largest social network online for Virtual Assistants is a sure-fire way of learning all about becoming a VA.

There are many qualities and variables you should have to startup a successful Virtual Assistant business, from a having a solid history of administration work experience to having a strong network of like business individuals to learn and share business knowledge with.  Every potential Virtual Assistant’s scenario will be different and it is seldom two are the same. This makes us so unique to one another which is why this is such a non-competitive industry to be in and very profitable.

It’s not always easy to switch from a real world corporate administrative working environment into the virtual world but once you do, you can be making anywhere from $25-$100 an hour depending on the services you offer. I am a specialty Internet Marketing VA and earn $125/hr and have a 4-6 month client waiting list. At our network, (which sponsors this Linkedin Group), we have some resourceful suggestions to making this corporate to virtual transition less confusing and very simple for any entrepreneur just like yourself.

1.  First, if you haven’t already, join our FREE Virtual Assistant Networking Forum where you will find everything you need to know to start up a Virtual Assistant business through the advice of other successful, veteran Virtual Assistants.  Also check out our freebie downloads and training videos for Virtual Assistants by clicking here.

2.  You may also want to consider upgrading your FREE membership above to the VAinsider membership which includes everything from free business templates and internet marketing seminars to free VA eBooks plus FULL access to our daily job board where you can find NEW clients!  You can read more about the benefits of being a VAinsider by clicking here.

3.  If you already have some administrative work experience, then I highly suggest looking at investing in the Virtual Assistant Career Startup System (VAC) – For the entrepreneur who is more frugal, is a do-it-yourselfer type and just needs the knowledge to start up a VA business in a step by step guide without someone cracking a whip over their head to complete it.

Starting up a Virtual Assistant business requires a person who has an entrepreneurial spirit, is passionate about working from home and loves what they do for a living. These are the true tell-tale signs of a successful Virtual Assistant business in the works who just needs some inspirational instructional help to encourage and make it happen.

The VAC System includes everything you need to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently in the least amount of time including a website!  Have a look at what is included here or you can read what it contains below in point-form:

If you are a person who disfavors lengthy reading and writing – be rest assured – this entire Virtual Assistant Career (VAC) system was designed with SIMPLICITY and PRACTICALITY in mind. An easy balance between short reading passages, writing exercises, helpful tips and over 130 templates and checklists will keep you both visually and intellectually stimulated on your journey to entrepreneurship.

Download our free VA Startup Checklist at our site.

Any further questions please ask me and I hope you find success opening up your Virtual Assistant business no matter what option you choose to do it.

Also, feel free to telephone me personally M-F, 10am-6pm PST at Toll Free: 800-642-6313 or Local Vancouver: 604-542-9664 to discuss as well.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you towards a successful Virtual Assistant business online.



Tawnya Sutherland
Founder of

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