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The Trust Factor

Believe it or not one of the most important factors to think about while hiring a Virtual Assistant or working with clients is comprised of one word only, that word is trust. Without it, you might as well call it a day and close your computers. Let me explain in greater detail. Does your client trust you, and do you trust your client? Yes, it works both ways. Okay, how?

Communication Tips for VA’s and Clients – Hearing is Not Always Listening!

Throughout my various experiences in the business world, and I am sure yours as well, there is always a question of:Are you listening to me, or are you just hearing me? There is no doubt a huge difference.   Taking it a step further into the emailing era: the question can become, are you just reading my email, or are you fully absorbing and understanding it? One can actually equate hearing and listening to reading and absorbing to fully understanding.

Client Gifting on a Budget

Modern technology is an amazing thing filled with wonderful ways to say thank you. For example, you can send a previous client a thank you e-card for their business. You can also send them birthday greetings, slide shows, and numerous other things with a click of a mouse, definitely cost-effective. But did you know that sending a personal hand written greeting card and/or gift-item via regular snail mail absolutely does wonders!