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how to work with a virtual assistant

Loyal To the Bone as Only a VA Can Be

Have you ever heard the expression – “loyal to the bone”? A quick search on Wikipedia says “loyal to the bone” means: steadfast in allegiance or duty.

So why do I preface this post with that phrase, because it signifies an experience I just had that, to me, personifies what partnering with a Virtual Assistant means. Let me expand.

In my world as a Virtual Assistant, last week was “one of those weeks” where you question the decision you made (in my case 3 years ago) to enter the world of the self employed. A situation happened that could have either helped solidify the client/VA relationship I had OR it could have severed the ties.

How can a Virtual Assistant help my business?

Virtual AssistantDuring the past few years the term “Virtual Assistant” has become more widespread and people are somewhat aware of what a Virtual Assistant is. However, they don’t always understand how a Virtual Assistant or VA can help them in their own business.

First of all, it must be clear that a VA is not an employee. They are self employed business owners providing various types of services that usually relate to helping other business owners run their businesses smoothly.

Types of Services

Communicating – Are You Doing It?

Whether we are discussing our personal lives or our work environment, lack of communication seems to be the number one problem many of us have.

When speaking to other VA’s I have heard that a frustrating part of doing business with their clients is their lack of understanding as to how these VA’s can help them. Running into this problem myself I honestly believe it comes down to lack of communication. We must ask the questions that will bring the answers we need to better serve our clients. Have you been clear as to what your needs of your VA are?

Outsourcing Brain Teaser: Where Does Virtual Assistance Go On the Financials?

man-gogglesAs the virtual assistance industry evolves so are the service portfolios being offered by VAs. That is, today’s veteran virtual assistant is much more than a task master; she is an efficiency expert possessing specialized skills and knowledge that enable her clients to do much more than simply “offload” their to-do lists. A good VA does not only free your time, she frees your mind to think, plan and do bigger.

Yet I continue to come across business owners who fully expect virtual assistants to charge less than they do. That somehow the price of administrative, creative, and technical support services is a variable cost rather than an investment in the productivity of their operation.

What My Virtual Assistants Actually DO For Me (When No One is Looking)

Canoe teamI’m not sure why it hasn’t occurred to me before when scrambling for working on post ideas for this VA blog, but wouldn’t it be cool to get an inside look at what some of us biz peeps have our trusty Virtual Assistants actually do for us each day? Like a straight-up list of the tasks my VAs do for me that they didn’t necessarily sign on for but fit rather nicely into their skill sets.

This isn’t the stuff you’ll see on a lot of VA websites–though it might be something to consider if you’re a VA. It’s just the nitty gritty of what really happens when you work for me.