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The Buzz about Video Marketing

There certainly have been many ways to do marketing business over the years.

There is still Outbound Marketing like ads in newspapers, magazines, the Yellow Pages, billboards and mailouts to name a few. And then there is Inbound Marketing where you draw your Target Market to your website. Inbound marketing can include Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more recently Video Marketing.

Some stats on the top Video Channel You Tube:

October 2008: 1 billion views per day of videos on You Tube

Your VA is an essential part of your Social Networking Strategy

Building an effective social networking strategy is essential for creating positive brand recognition for every company regardless of whether they operate online or are a traditional “brick and mortar” type business.

In today’s fast paced environment almost everyone researches businesses online to determine where they will eat, at what stores they will shop, or what companies can provide the services they need. They look for ease of use, prices and reliability. All of these can and should be formed by creating a business’s positive online presence.

Client Gifting on a Budget

Modern technology is an amazing thing filled with wonderful ways to say thank you. For example, you can send a previous client a thank you e-card for their business. You can also send them birthday greetings, slide shows, and numerous other things with a click of a mouse, definitely cost-effective. But did you know that sending a personal hand written greeting card and/or gift-item via regular snail mail absolutely does wonders!


Colours that Talk!

In nature, colour is used to communicate all the time. We can often tell males from females because of their colour vibrancy. I find it almost funny that in the bird kingdom the males are most often the most brightly coloured, with the most vibrant markings – isn’t it funny that in the human population, we have reversed that trend?

Ready, Set, Market!

Marketing is easy when you have a plan.

A marketing plan that is. It’s hard to showcase your business if you don’t have a clue what to do or when so let’s talk about creating a marketing calendar. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to create your own personal marketing road map for 2010.

Consider where you want to focus your marketing efforts:

  • Email campaigns
  • Joint venture promotions
  • Blogging
  • Virtual blog tours
  • Article marketing
  • Social networking i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Podcasts
  • Video marketing
  • eZines/Newsletters
  • Virtual events