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The life of an entrepreneur can be wonderful – most times it is. You’re in control of your own schedule, you can work as much as you want or as little (depending on your goals), you can go bigger, stay smaller, make your own rules, write your own plan and you’re not at the mercy of an employer. This list could go on, but there are also some downfalls to being self-employed.

Partnering With The Lowest Priced VA You Can Find = Risky

I spend quite a bit of time pondering VA rates, both from the perspective of a client and the virtual assistant him/herself. I was reading a blog written by someone looking to partner with a VA – which is great – however, the first comment was one that made mention of how overpriced VAs are. I hate reading statements like that because it makes anyone who reads it and is unfamiliar with the VA industry question the value of VAs.

Outsourcing Won’t Make You Less of An Entrepreneur!

I was thinking today about a conversation I had a year ago with a potential client. He said he was finally going to let go of the mindset that so many entrepeneurs have. That was, thinking that he wouldn’t be successful unless he did everything himself so his business remained his business.

We had a lot of discussion around that and before our chat, I hadn’t realized what a mental block that could be for many people who could really benefit from the services of a Virtual Assistant.

StartupNation thinks we’re number 1!

Yes, received top ranks in StartupNation’s annual Home Based 100 competition, under the category of Boomers Back in Business!

While this alone might not be enough to excite you as someone interested in (or currently) working with a Virtual Assistant, check out what the judges (who included Adam Lowry, co-founder of Method Products, Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks North America and John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing in addtion to StartupNation staff) had to say about us:

Another Easy-Peasy Task to Delegate to a VA…

The last time you went to a networking event, or held down a booth at a tradeshow, did you follow up with the people you met?

The last time you met someone interested in your business while you were standing in line at the coffee shop, did you get their card and actually get in touch with them again?

How many website leads do you get but never reply to? What about those contacts you forward information to after they request it. Do you let them go off and be forgotten, or do you get in touch with them again?