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spotlightVAAt VAnetworking we regularly spotlight Virtual Assistants that stand out at our network to further help you in your search for the ultimate VA for your business.

Our VA Spotlight is on:

Danielle Beauchemin

Virtual Assistant Services

VAnetworking Forum Member: Danielle
Business Started: 2009
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Social Media and WordPress Services
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How Your Virtual Assistant Can Help You Obtain Credibility Online

Credibility to me means “trustworthiness”.

Trustworthiness = More Sales Online!

If I trust someone and believe in them as a person/company online, then they can tell me they are an expert at whatever they want and I’ll believe them. 😉 AND, I buy from websites/people I trust in the end. Purchasing online for me all boils down to one thing > Trust = Buy.

There are many ways your Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you gain credibility online and here are just a few you can get them to do over the next month to help increase the money at month-end in your bank account.

Loyal To the Bone as Only a VA Can Be

Have you ever heard the expression – “loyal to the bone”? A quick search on Wikipedia says “loyal to the bone” means: steadfast in allegiance or duty.

So why do I preface this post with that phrase, because it signifies an experience I just had that, to me, personifies what partnering with a Virtual Assistant means. Let me expand.

In my world as a Virtual Assistant, last week was “one of those weeks” where you question the decision you made (in my case 3 years ago) to enter the world of the self employed. A situation happened that could have either helped solidify the client/VA relationship I had OR it could have severed the ties.

Time to Kick up Your Businesses for 2011!

It’s that time of year again when people should think about what they can do for their businesses in order to succeed.   This could mean making a few changes; such as, looking over budgets, adding new products or services, and lowering costs or overhead!

Naturally one of the ways in which to do most of the above is by hiring a Virtual Assistant, but not only to do this work for you and/or with you, but also because of the sheer fact that hiring a VA will lower a businesses cost/overhead.   A two for one deal!

Looking for a Virtual Assistant? You will need a RFP!

You have finally come to the conclusion you can’t do everything yourself and the answer is to outsource the work to a Virtual Assistant. Contracting with a VA is the best solution in helping you take care of many administrative duties and maybe look after that special project you haven’t had time for.

It can be daunting trying to hire someone who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away and there are no guarantees they will meet your needs or are able to fulfill their commitment to you and your business. Don’t give up before you even start. There are many good, reliable and super qualified VA’s who would be very happy to take care of your administrative needs.