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Quickbooks Online vs. Hosted Quickbooks

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The QuickBooks Desktop version helps the user to download the software and access it any time from systems within the premises. The user does not need any internet connection to work on the software since all the crucial data and files are stored on the hard drive of the computer.

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I have been using QuickBooks Desktop since last 10 years and have always been impressed with its features and performance. I tried the Online version as well in the month of January, however, due to its nagging problems, I decided to switch back to the Desktop version.

Let me list few limitations and problems of QuickBooks Online that forced me to switch back to QuickBooks Desktop and also get it hosted in a cloud:

Data security: While using QuickBooks Online, I came to know that data is stored in Intuit’s own datacenters. And, in case, of any mishap or natural calamity, I can lose my all business-critical data.

IT Downtime: There were several instances when I was not able to login to QuickBooks Online. Every time, I tried to contact Intuit’s support desk then, I was asked to keep waiting due to server maintenance or technical glitch in Intuit’s server. In fact, this was quite annoying.



Expensive Apps:  Everyone of us love to integrate our QuickBooks with apps or add-ons to get customized QuickBooks experience. While using QuickBooks Online, I analyzed that price of QuickBooks Online Apps to be more expensive than QuickBooks Desktop Apps.



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