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Hi All,


Among the tasks of a Virtual Assistant is 'online marketing' which basically incorporates the principles of proper SMM. SEO may be one of my areas of improvement, but I'd have to be proactive and research on new tactics to implement - otherwise it's my head on the chopping board! :D Kidding aside, I came across this article recently and I am apalled by the way Facebook has "tweaked" its functionality - for the nth time!


Here is the link: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-screws-social-media-marketers-2013-12


So, this means that meaningful content will no longer reach your target audience like it used to - which is basically unfair to those who have spent years and years engaging thier audience. Now, everyone has to pay - literally - a certain fee for people to view their content.

Care to share your thoughts? Is there any way we could maximize the use of this social networking giant given its new restrictions?

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That's why you never put all your eggs in one basket ;) You can check your insights on FB to see how many view your posts and its surprising the small number that do unfortunately. Facebook does have an solution if you want your ads seen by more people, you just have to pay them for it ;)


Have you tried Google+? It is much better imo for business networking and outbeats Facebook by far. It's only a matter of time before people in business switch over to it. Here's some reasons why that I posted on our FB page:


I am just learning more about Google+ reading "What the plus?" By Guy Kawasaki (excellent book) and google has no many more benefits for business. Here's my amazon affiliate link which I really think every VA should read and be on top of:http://vajot.com/whattheplus (Kindle version is only $0.93)
Off the top of my head to name a few...Did you know your Facebook page posts only get seen by a few of your friends and not all of them whereas in G+ all your friends see it. Just look at your FB insights to see proof of that. Also when you post a bunch of pics n a row FB will group them together as one post whereas G+ does them each separately as sometimes I may post a bunch of pictures but don't want them all grouped together as they may be on different topics. Also with G+ you can post up to 100,000 characters versus FB that only allows 65,000. G+ is just more advanced with their features. It allows you to always be able to edit your posts forever whereas FB you sometimes only have seconds to edit your post if you do a spelling error or something. In summary google+ has much more sofisticated and powerful features and is just a matter of time before people realize this and move towards it. Google just got into social media whereas FB and twitter have had a 5 year step on it. If they all came out yesterday everyone would choose G+. It's just a matter of time as I do believe FB will be the next MySpace disappearing populated by family mostly and Google will be top dog with regards t business networking. Face it they have the best tech people working for them, they own the search world (even placing +1s up high in search engine results which means if you aren't using google and getting some lovin+plusins you may not even get found in the Google searches. Personally I'm sticking with google and tring to learn it as the forerunner social network for my business and learning all I can about. Google has the money (and talent) to make it better too not to mention they basically own the www with their successful search engine, chrome, samsung phones and tablets now even come with Google plus preinstalled. Go Google!
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Guest VEPeople

Thank you for the insight Tawnya!


Yeah, I use G+. I guess it's more versatile than Facebook in a way that I have yet to encounter so-called "spam triggers." I mean, participating on groups/communities on G+ is all part of the SMM game; whereas on Facebook, there's some sort of limit. When you post 8-10 comments on various groups (given that you are replying to inquiries), the admin just gives you a 'posting block' notification. Have you encountered such?


Also, the good thing about G+ is it gives you Google Authorship because.. well, it IS Google! lol


Thanks again

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Thank you for sharing such a useful information. Well, Social media marketing is the perfect way to advertise your business on the various channels and get more referrals. If you are looking for beneficial referrals then social media marketing is the effective way to get referrals without any hassle.

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I think you are totally right that now a days Facebook is all about money if you want to reach your audience. Organically a very small number of impression you may get but for getting the large audience you need to run ads on Facebook. Anyway the process also varies in industry to industry, we tried to reach our audience through ads but we did not become able to succeed on converting any of the audience!

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