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Health and fitness niche!

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Hello! I'm an active person (runner, yogi, obstacle course racer, and getting into powerlifting) so the health and fitness industry seems to be a natural niche for me.


Locally, I've been shooting portraits of personal trainers and yoga instructors, as well as races and powerlifting competitions. I've edited/written for self help authors and therapists as well, and have experience working in a doctors' office (mental health). I love all aspects of health and fitness, so I would be happy to work with anyone from more trainers to gym owners, to doctors, therapists, physical therapists, and more.


I'm trying to figure out how to find the people who will need me most. I would think people running private practices or very small offices, and high end gyms and personal trainers. I may have to look outside my immediate area for the very high end gyms and trainers. Independent gyms, yoga studios...


All of that said, my current long-term client is a real estate office! Go figure! I do love the work though. They're based in an area I love, which makes it particularly interesting to me.


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I think it would be a great niche! I have a client who is a personal trainer. She has an online personal training membership. So maybe you could look for people that do their business online and train people virtually. There are a lot of fitness gurus online so I think it's a matter of finding out where they network.

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Great niche! There are many people online selling health and wellness products. One of the biggest searches in Google is for "weight loss" so that itself says there is a market for it.


Why don't you join some FB or Linkedin groups that share a common interest in the health industry and see if you can prospect clients from there?

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