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Hi everyone,


I'm Harold from Philippines. I'm new to Virtual Assistant business and one of the skill I want to hava to offer to clients is accounting/bookkeeping. What I want now is to become an intern. I'm looking for someone to become my partner in accounting, someone who could enhance my skill in the field of accounting/bookkeeping.


You can contact me via:

Yahoo Email: bacon.harold@yahoo.com

Gmail: haroldbacon239@gmail.com

skype: harold.bacon3


Thank you.


Looking forward in working with you! :)

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Hi Harold,


Accounting is a very specialised area, and I believe there are even full university degrees on it. Book keeping may be an easier option, although this is still a delicate field. I am not trying to discourage you, and if this is your passion, then perhaps you should pursue it.


Are you aware of the various services a VA can offer? I'll check the resources to find if Tawnya has a list of possibilities, but I'm honestly thinking you could choose something more entry level to get some experience and income while you pursue the book keeping on the side.


Off the top of my head I know there's:


  • Tech related such as web mastery and setting up configurations
  • Generally administration such as formatting of documents
  • Graphic work such as creating cover art and manipulation using canva or photoshop
  • Data entry and Research...

What are you doing for clients currently?

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Hi Harold, as Mark states, accounting is very specific. Each country has it's own procedures and rules. It is a great skill to have though if you are able to make it work. Lily, our moderator here is an expert in the subject.

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