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Transition from On-site Executive Assisting to Virtual Assisting

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Hi there,


I am new to this forum. My name is Laura. I am currently an executive assistant in NYC, but I am looking to transfer over to remote assisting. I am searching for a part-time remote job for a company and I also want to begin launching my own freelance virtual assistant business on the side.


Has anyone ever gone from an on-site position to a remote position? What was the transition like? Is there anything you wish you had known that might've made the transition smoother? What are some of your favorite home office supplies or tools that make your home office as distraction free and productive as possible? Also, please let me know if these questions have already been answered in another post somewhere and I will be glad to take a look as well.


Thank you,



(Please excuse the avatar. I don't want to compromise my current position since I am still job searching.)

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Hi Laura, welcome to VAnetworking! Most VAs transition from corporate to the VA world.


There is a great video about starting up a VA business and Tawnya talks about her top free tools for VAs.



Let us know if you have any questions.

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Hi Laura and welcome! I worked part-time in the beginning of my VA business too. I think the hardest thing for me transitioning was not having the social life I used to have in person on site at the company I worked for. That is why I started up this forum years ago. It's lonely working by yourself so you have to make time to network and not just online but out in the real world too at networking events.

As far as tools go that video Danielle posted has some great resources in it that I use everyday. As far as office supplies, I have the same stuff I would in an office from a stapler to post-it notes ;)

Enjoy the boards and ask away we are here for you.

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Hi Laura,

I got a 'kick' out of your avatar and had to double-take! ;)

Such great advice here on this forum! Danielle's suggestion to view Tawnya's tips video is a terrific. There is so much value in the trainings Tawyna offers here. Make sure you are signed onto her email list so you can be notified of upcoming trainings. She also offers coaching so I do recommend connecting with her as this service is invaluable.

I would say that the most important to tip I can give you is to reach out as often as you can to others in the virtual business. Offer value to the discussions and begin to establish yourself as an expert. VAnetworking is a great place to check in often and then carve out 15 minutes to check out LinkedIn. Facebook and other discussions as well.

People will find you and you can begin to gain a online reputation that can secure future work opportunities.


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