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3 Webinar Tips I Got From A Basketball Game

3 Webinar Tips I Got From A Basketball GameI recently went to a Charlotte Bobcats game with my family. It was the Bobcats vs the Oklahoma City Thunder. Earlier in the week, my plan was to get a Nathan’s hotdog and cotton candy. Yes, that’s what I was looking forward to at an NBA game. However, I ended up getting nothing at all.

You see, this was the first time I’ve been to a game since about 2007. It was quite different than previous times.

I was with my husband which made it extra fun but I started noticing things that I hadn’t noticed before.

Fear of Delegation

fear of delegation

Believe it or not, the photo above is not a stock photo.  It’s my to-do pile on my desk and my “really need to do right now” pile on my other work space.

My name is Molly and I am a total control freak! 

I love my business and truly believe that I am really good at it!  However, the success I’ve had comes with a price.  And that price is the toll it’s taken on my other business – managing myself and my household.  

These 2 Email Tricks Will Can You a Ton of Time

A friend of mine, Amy, recently moved to another country. While I’m sad she’s gone, I know this is a great opportunity for her and her family. She’s been a personal trainer for years and has just expanded her business to include online courses along with nutrition tips.

Email tricks to save you a ton of time

Since the launch of her online programs, things have really changed. Business is booming and she’s even hired an assistant. As things started to progress, Amy found herself a bit overwhelmed. Ok, REALLY overwhelmed! As we were chatting on a Skype call, she mentioned one part of her business that was getting out of control: her email inbox. I provided her with these two quick tips that would save her time throughout her day:

Smart Skills: How to Raise your VA Value & Charge More for Your Services

Truth be told the majority of us are in business to make money.

Let’s face it, we all have desires, hopes and dreams which cost money! Right?


In order to fulfill these wants sooner than later we need to find quick ways to make MORE money in our business.

What are the top 3 WANTS you’d like to check off your bucket list? Here are some of mine, I want to travel to more tropical beaches (yes that’s me in Boracay, Philippines), I’d like to buy an ocean front 3 bedroom condo and I’d like to get married again so I have a traveling partner in crime. The last one will probably be the most expensive, men always are aren’t they? But that is another story so let me get back on topic here LOL!

Beeline for Business… “Don’t Let Your VA Business be a Statistic!”

You wouldn’t start out on a vacation or an important trip without first mapping out your course.

Just as builders and construction projects require an architectural plan, the same careful preparation is paramount to laying out a foundation to build a small business.

Before beginning, plan carefully. -Marcus T. Cicero

paperchaser2Preparing yourself as an entrepreneur. While becoming your own boss sounds liberating, you have to conclude whether owning your own business will work with your lifestyle and fit your family’s needs. What skills do you possess? What tasks do you like to perform? Where do you excel? Do you have the discipline to work independently? Do you have the ability to work on a team or multiple teams to support your client(s)? Is there a willingness and/or budget to take additional courses to improve your skills and to finance your small business start-up related expenses?

12 Reasons to Attend Online Conferences for Virtual Assistants

Working virtually from home in my service business I find there are numerous training opportunities to expand my knowledge base as a Virtual Assistant. 
One trend I really love is attending online conferences as they seem to fit into my busy lifestyle (plus my budget) much easier.  I realize how important it is in business to attend your industry conferences so that’s why I developed the Virtual Assistant Virtuoso Seminars (#VAVS) online conference.  Our 12th season is coming up November 16-20th, 2015.
If you’ve not heard about this online conference for Virtual Assistants you can check it out here.
If you are attending let us know on our Facebook Event Page so we can welcome you!

Here’s 12 reasons you should attend this online Virtual Assistant industry trade conference:

1. Convenient – #VAVS is educational training that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home office via our online webinar platform. All you need is a computer with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an internet connection and YOU!

Does Your VA Business Website Have a Responsive Design?

Have you been chatting lately with your business colleagues and heard the phrase “responsive design” pop into the conversation but didn’t have a clue what it was all about? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and hopefully after today you’ll be educated enough to join in with your point of view the next time that conversation does arise.

Does Your Virtual Assistant Business Website Have a Responsive Design?

Let’s first define this phrase (Wikipedia):

Responsive Design: is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Marketing Campaign Ideas That Engage Your Audience

The first thing you have to understand when you want to conduct marketing campaigns either for your business or your client is that engaging with the audience is why audiences engage in the first place. What makes an audience member step out and share, like, comment, or participate in your marketing campaign? It’s either due to the competition, the social kudos, the exclusivity, or the feeling of satisfaction of having created something or done something good.

If you can create marketing campaign ideas that play on those factors, you’ll create winning, engaging marketing campaigns that produce extraordinary results, every single time. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Are You Managing Your Time or Is It Managing You?

It’s amazing how much some Virtual Assistants manage to get their work done, while others seem to be stuck in a rut without enough time in the day to accomplish much of anything. But, here’s the secret. Every VA has the same amount of time in every single day. It’s one way in which we are all created equal. Every Virtual Assistant has the same 24 hours in a day.

How to Justify Raising Your Rates

How much money are you making from your business?

How hard are you working for that money?

Are you trading dollars for hours?

These are all important questions to ask yourself and most often they lead to one important decision.

It’s time to raise your rates.

Unfortunately many business owners struggle with this concept. They fear that raising their prices will make them lose money rather than make it. This is a mindset problem and one that needs to be overcome. The first person you need to be able to convince about a rate increase is you.

How to Raise Your Virtual Assistant Rates