PHEW! It’s been a crazy and busy week! AND, I’m now off to travel to Memphis, Tennessee and attend IVAA Summit, a Virtual Assistant Conference. I’m super excited to connect with ‘ole’ VA friends and meet some new ones. (Keep tabs on the VA excitement brewing in Twitter with #IVAA12).

This business trip reminded me of a time a few years ago when I attended my first VA Conference and the reasons why I attended same. I recorded a whole VA Talk Show on my experience. Here’s the podcast from back then (NOTE: Being this was an archived podcast, some of the links or call in numbers may not work now as they are outdated but the content is still very valuable to those “thinking” about attending their first VA Conference).


At the time of this recording, I also asked other Virtual Assistants to phone in and give their reasons why they attending VA conferences and here is that recording:


For those of you who want to see videos of past VA Conferences I’ve attended, here is a video peek into a couple of them:



I’ll make sure I write a detailed blog post (and take some videos) next week about my VA Conference learning and networking experience at IVAA SUMMIT!

Hope to see you at the next VA Conference!

Are YOU Finding Yourself Stumbling Over Technology?!?

Lynette Chandler spoke with us this past week at our FR-EE Virtual Assistant Training webinar and if you missed it you can watch the replay here.

Lynnette shared with us some valuable information if you are lately finding yourself stumbling over technology. Maybe you have had a client ask if you could add a new email to their cpanel or simply change the font style in the headline of their blog posts?

It’s not always that easy trying to figure out the little steps in between that are often technical in nature, like Cascading Style Sheets (or better known as CSS), making certain pages appear different in WordPress, protecting premium content, stringing together the payment system, affiliate program and membership system.

This tech stuff can be brutally frustrating. You could stumble, stub your toes, cut your knee or feel like taking a sledge hammer to your computer. That doesn’t mean you should. In fact, you don’t have to if you had a pass to attend and preview all our NEW “TECH” training programs at:

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You will find a wide variety of simple and quick to learn technical training programs to help you run a profitable blog or web based business. Topics vary through the year so there’s something for every skill level. Keep in mind, what you’ll get is so much more because classes are often peppered with valuable real life experiences and techniques.

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Ready For Some Hippy Marketing?

‘ve been following an Internet Marketer lately that has really impressed me and who I’ve learned some interesting online marketing tips from the past couple of months that actually work! Now that I’ve checked him out, I can’t keep my secret any longer. Here’s introducing some hippy marketing that is working for me and I’ve just managed to grab you a fr-ee copy of the scariest, grittiest and most effective ‘realresults’ Internet marketing newsletter out there. In his ‘Affordable Mentoring Newsletter’ Tony simply doesn’t ‘DO’ theory.

Everything in ‘AffMent’ is a technique that has been used by Tony or marketers he personally

knows. And you’ll be able to see that for YOURSELF because he lays the results WIDE OPEN for you…Including ACTUAL stats such as earnings, income, traffic numbers. list sizes, results, disasters

and even black hat stuff.

It’s the nearest thing you’re going to get to Tony’s sold-out $12k a year personal mentoring


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Your VAmotiVAtor from

As Virtual Assistants, and especially busy Virtual Assistants, we forget the importance of scheduling breaks into our day. We become so focused on our business and our clients that we forget about ourselves. By taking a break, even if just for 10 minutes, you will find yourself rejuvenated and your creativity will be in tuned. Start scheduling breaks throughout your day and you will begin to reap the rewards.

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Your VAinsider Club membership starts at only $7/mth. Not much to pay nowadays to help your business get the upper hand in the virtual service world. What are you waiting for?



DATE: Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 3PM PDT

TOPIC: VAjot Socials every Thursday for #VAjot Socials at 3pm PDT.

It’s a social networking webinar to JOT down everything on our minds, from introducing new members to discussing positive flows within our businesses. We guarantee it will be a fun and informative social night for all to hang with their peers in the VA industry! All Virtual Assistants (or wanna-bees?) welcomed and please bring your URL with you to promote to us.

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PASSWORD: educate

If you haven’t joined our FREE Virtual Assistant Networking Forumyou are sorely missing out on a huge resource for your business. With over 15,000 registered members and over 134,000 topics and posts, you’ll find the answers to every question imaginable about virtual assistance. And if you don’t find the answer, then just post your question and within minutes someone will kindly help you out.

Our Motto: No question is ever stupid, stupidity comes from not asking when you have the opportunity ( to do so.



Invoicing Clients – What system do you use?

Newbie Starting a Website–Need Advice!!

What if You Lost Your Entire Website, TODAY? How Would That Feel?

You would be devastated, right? Many people assume that it is the responsibility of their hosting company to keep their website safe. That is just not the case!

Here’s a FR-EE ebook on Website Security from a business colleague that I highly recommend you download and read:


Don’t wait until it’s too late, act now and protect your site! This e-book tells you everything you need to know !


To your $uccess!

Tawnya Sutherland, VA Market Leader

Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist

PS: A warm welcome to all our new subscribers this week. I look forward to helping you answer all the questions you may have in your virtual business. Remember no question is ever stupid, stupidity comes from not asking when you have the opportunity ( to do so.


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