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  3. Hello: My name is Renee and I live in Uruguay. I left my 20-year assistant job in an international pharmaceutical company and now I am getting into the VA world. I am just married by second time and have two kids from my former marriage. I am sure I will find great people here and I am willing to learn the steps to have a successful VA business. Have a nice day. Renée
  4. Hi Amanda, welcome to VAnetworking! What a fun niche! Feel free to post your link to your website so we can take a look.
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  6. Hello! My name is Amanda and I am a new VA. I offer social media services, content writing services, secretary servided, and more! I aim to work with Veterinary clients, Wedding Planners, Beauty Bloggers/Lifestyle Bloggers, Metal Musicians and Alternative Fashion Brands! I look forward to meeting you all and I am also open to any feedback you have on my Wordpress site! Amanda
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  8. I am looking for free audio editing software which ideally works outside of a browser. Right now I need to do simple tasks such as cut out short sections and possibly join two videos together.
  9. Maybe you need to make a list of things you want to get done and set some goals for yourself. Just work on one of the tasks at a time until it's completed so you don't get overwhelmed.
  10. You can promote your website through on-site and off-site links. Posting on forums and answering questions on Yahoo Answers or Quora will help promote your off-site links. This will boost your SEO because search engine algorithms are looking for external sites that link to your page. Every time you make a post on a forum, for example, search engines recognize that as an external link. It's important to remember that some external links are more valuable than others. Linking to sites with more external links themselves will help boost your page. Good luck!
  11. On-page SEO has to do with ensuring that the information contained behind-the-scenes on your website is geared to increasing your search engine presence. The algorithms utilized by search engines look for pages that clearly define the content contained in the website, both on the page and in the source code. I have found that SEOQuake provides very useful SEO analytics. The best part is, it's free! I am still somewhat new to the VA industry, but I used SEOQuake at the suggestion of my VA instructor. I was impressed by the numerous categories of analysis it provides, specifically keyword analytics and page title analytics.
  12. I'm new to the VA industry and new to this forum. I have experience in legal administrative support, transcription, data entry, and similar tasks. I enjoy working with new people and giving clients the work product they need. If you or someone you know might be looking for assistance with their legal administrative needs, please visit my website at https://rhosecellahdasalla.wixsite.com/website
  13. Be VERY careful when pursuing a career as a VA. Beware of potential clients who expect you to advance fees or provide detailed personal information for a job. There are many reputable online courses where you can learn to become a VA, however there is no formal licensing process. Much of the VA industry relies on credibility and experience. Once you receive the necessary training on how to perform the common functions of a VA, you need to work hard to build your brand and network of clients. A happy client will gladly refer you to their business associates. Good luck!
  14. I have found that charging an hourly rate allows me the flexibility I need when working with new clients. I do not consider flat fees until I have a predictable schedule with a client and I fully understand their exact needs. That being said, hourly rates can vary widely. As I am relatively new to the industry, I only charge $3.50/hour. That number may surprise some, but with experience and industry credibility over time, you can raise your rates to match the assured quality of your output.
  15. Unfortunately, I think it takes a while to build a strong enough brand to strike out on your own. I have had to use UpWork and similar job-posting websites for the time being. However, I believe that with time I will build a strong client-base that will yield fruitful referrals. Until you have produced enough work product, it is difficult to get the visibility that a successful solo-VA needs.
  16. Pricing can always be a difficult question. In my practice, I charge at an hourly rate. I find the hourly rate model to be flexible enough to suit a diverse set of clients. Perhaps if I had an ongoing relationship with a client and could get a better sense for their specific needs week after week, only then do I think it would be beneficial to set a flat fee arrangement.
  17. I just recently joined the VA workforce. I'm interviewing for positions now. I am optimistic that I will land my first client soon and begin creating my portfolio of work! ______________________________________________________________________________________ Visit my site at - https://rhosecellahdasalla.wixsite.com/website
  18. I have been trying to start my VA business for so long that it is ridiculously crazy. Now that I am being told twice a month that I have to move I am stressing to get things done. I remembered today that I had an account here and my friend Regina said this is a really good place for support and networking. I am trying to create my Facebook business page and am feeling so stuck and in a fog. Trying not to overthink things but it happens. Could really use some help! Thank you.
  19. So, it looks as if my time has run out to find something to keep going. I probably won't have any internet after the middle of next week. My environment is too loud & intrusive on the weekends to get anything done & there's nowhere that I can go to get away. Additionally, the Dept. of Ed. has offset my SSD & my rent went up, if it weren't for my friends, I'd probably have lost my apt. by now. I had really hoped & tried to get something together so that I could make some progress. But I'm so tired and my productive hours per day are very limited. I usually only have 4 -5 hours/day during the work week, and that's only if I don't have errands to run. Then it's even fewer. I really need that to be at least doubled in order to get ahead, write my blog posts, etc. Plus I have a sleep disorder which makes it so that I can only wake at 12 pm EDT. I am now trying to find some assistance, apply for affordable housing, make some appts for some local docs, even though that's not worked out in the past. I get dismissed, invalidated, & misunderstood no matter how hard I try. If it weren't for my BFF I wouldn't have had internet now. I'm so disappointed, b/c I have a cat, & I live in constant fear of losing her, my apt. everything. I hope that I can come back and be better. But I really don't know what else to do.
  20. Always Put Domains Under Advertising.............
  21. Hi Toni, welcome to VAnetworking! That is great that your employer was thrilled to have you work remotely! What services do you plan to offer clients?
  22. Mary, are they physically mailing audios? Or just a file through email?
  23. Hi Patricia, welcome to VAnetworking! What types of things are you helping your friend with?
  24. Hi my name is Patricia and I am from Trinidad, West Indies. I have a 4 yr old son and I am not married as yet. I left my job February of last year and started a handmade jewelry business in August. It has proven to be very tough and takes alot of my time. I would much prefer to do it to make some extra monies on the side. I started working with my friend Keiva who has a small business and I heard about the forum from her. I don't have any experience at all in this field, so this is a stepping stone for me to have a life where I can spend all the time I need with my son. I hope to learn alot from all of you.
  25. Hello, this is Jena I am launching an online bookkeeping service, and am so happy to find this forum. My first Question is How is the temperature of Quickbooks online? With QB discontinuing support for their desk top products, I am curious if business owners will be disenchanted and turn to alternative software. Any thoughts on the matter? Next question: I have put together an extensive questionnaire for new client intake, A/R and A/P and am unsure if I have all the right questions. Any suggestions on where to find a thorough list of new client questions for online bookkeeping. Thank you and very happy to join this group
  26. Now with zoom, the free version might not let you do everything so read the features for it.
  27. I am going to share with you some broadcasting software tools that I have come across that might help you or someone else in the group. Broadcasting Software Review Hi Mary, I like using a couple of tools. A. One is https://www.loom.com It allows you to create 100 videos for free and provides you tools to edit them. You can choose between the following: · Audio only · Video only · Or you can screen share and see a video of you on the corner. The paid version allows you to do unlimited videos and it has a low cost to it. B. Another tool you can use is: https://stageten.tv/ · You can easily create live shows with remote guests. Video feeds from phones, cams, screen share, and game streams. · Connect with your audience and live stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. · Stand out from the crowd with multi-cam shots, custom graphics, video clips, and unique stream formats. Not sure about the pricing. I think they do have a free version or a trial C. Here is another tool www.zoom.com I love using zoom too because it allows you to have a free version. The free version Meetings Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support Video Webinar Marketing Events & Town Hall Meetings Conference Rooms Build Collaboration-Enabled Conference Rooms Zoom Phone The next generation enterprise phone system Business IM Cross-Platform Messaging & File Sharing · You can connect with your calendar · You can schedule meetings onto zoom · You can also stream to YouTube and Facebook live · You can also do a whiteboard and draw or type a text and screen share it. D. Another great tool that has advanced features https://belive.tv Here are some great features for it. · You can do solo videos · Interviews or · Talk shows · Boost brand & Engagement using custom logos, frames, and colors · Stay organized · Screen share your presentation and bring photos from your Facebook album to your broadcast · You can also share it on Facebook live or Twitch · It has a free 30-day trial · The prices are reasonable · I think Tawnya has started using this one recently Hope this information will help you in selecting what tool works best for you. It depends on who your audience is. What social media platform they hang out in. And what tool will serve you best? Something to keep in mind. As your needs grow then you will want a tool that can grow with you.
  28. This review guide will give you lots of options: https://www.bestvpn.co/
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