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  1. I know this is an old post however for anyone that is wondering about Constant Contact, they are a great system but they have their limitations as all Email Providers do. I recommend and prefer Aweber personally. There is also MailChimp which I do not prefer although they have a free option. Testing out the most popular ones and seeing what they each have to offer will help you to help your clients make a decision. Don't forget to sign up as an affiliate so you can earn money referring to your clients. Check out Constant Contact here Check out Aweber here and get your one-month free trial
  2. Welcome! You are in a great place that will give you a ton of information and support.
  3. I work in different time zones. I have clients who are all over the world. I am in Canada and have clients in the UK, Australia, Hawaii and I even have had clients in China and Dubai. During your transition you can continue with your current client market and then slowly transition but then again are you staying there permanently? My recommendation is to start looking (if at all possible) prior to moving and start marketing your services and looking for where you can reach clients in the time zone and location you are moving too. Make some friends on Facebook and Linkedin and join groups with your new market etc. It will be easy and great! Believe in yourself. You did it once you can do it again and this time 100x better
  4. Not sure how I feel about adding a service in a tagline. Services change, new services come along. Your tagline is part of your brand so make it about helping your target market without adding a specific service in the tagline unless it is a broad term like marketing or internet marketing or online presence etc.
  5. Better to use your name to get started until you figure out what your niche will be and what direction is best for you. Many VA's start out doing Administration but end up being internet marketing or social media specialists so administrative services in a name would require to re-brand and that is the last thing you want to do. I recommend starting off with your name and many end up staying that way especially if you are the brand.
  6. Consider high-quality headphones and mic. The best option is to get high quality and spend at least $100-$300. Consider Bose or something comparable.
  7. Do you have any questions about podcasting to build your list? Ask your questions here and share your experiences here.
  8. Sort and memorable is the key like Tawyna suggested. Something that resonates with your niche/target market. You do not have to have a business name though. you can work under your own name and give yourself a catchy title. You may find over time sometimes sooner rather than later that you realize your niche is different and then your biz name will need to be changed so keep it simple and versatile so the name can grow with your business.
  9. Hi Alexandra Welcome! You are at the right place. Lots of great resources here and a great place to learn. Looking forward to networking with you. Make sure you check out the VA resource area here: http://bit.ly/1VNrdnR
  10. Sorry Betty i forgot to add if you are looking for Virtual Assistant Training visit here: http://bit.ly/1PJVfaR
  11. Hi Betty Welcome to the forum. The virtual assistant industry is amazing and very rewarding. Did you visit the VA Free Resource area yet. Lots of great freebies http://bit.ly/1VNrdnR This forum is full of great information from many Vetern and new VA's. Roam around you will learn a ton. Last but not least you should consider joining as a VAinsider here: http://bit.ly/1U89Xas
  12. Everyone's suggestions here are fantastic. I would like to add to the list, the following: Tip 1 Create multiple opt-ins on your website. 1. A pop up (great conversions), 2. on your sidebar (if you have one), 3. below your blog post, 4. at the bottom of some of your website pages, 5. below your header on your homepage( a thin bar below the header image) Also consider having more than one opt-in. For example if you offer website design and social media services and you have a page with details about the service you can have a pop up that has a opt-in that is related to the service. For example on your Social Media Page you can have an opt-in freebie "7 Reasons your Social Media is hurting your business". On your website page you can have another opt-in gift "5 easy steps to increase conversions on your website". Make sure you create separate lists with your email service provider for each opt-in. Tip 2 Consider online summits directed to your niche market to gain online exposure and to grow your list. So if real estate agents are your niche market have a business building summit for real estate agents. Here is an article i wrote about summits. Hope it helps clarify what it is. http://www.vbsondemand.com/2016/02/supercharge-your-list-building-with-this-simple-solution/ Best of luck and happy list building.
  13. List Building requires patience. One of the fastest way to build your list is by having a Tele-Summit or Video Summit. Also webinars and free opt-ins are crucial ways to building your list. I did write a blog on summits here: http://www.vbsondemand.com/2016/02/supercharge-your-list-building-with-this-simple-solution. Hope it helps.
  14. Hello Fellow VA's. It's been awhile since I have been around here so I have decided to reintroduce myself again. I have been a VA since 2007 and love my career and business. I have been very successful as a VA and am so happy to have achieved so many goals and dreams in my life with such an amazing lucrative career and business. I have not been around the forums in a long time and want to start giving back. I have helped many VA's with their biz and realize that i need to do it more. I loved the forums and it helped me so much when i was just getting started. So here i am ready to give and help where i can and of course i will have questions and need opinion's too so i will be asking for everyone's guidance too. Check me out at www.vbsondemand.com. I have to rebuild my website it needs a desperate redesign but have been too busy to focus on myself. Redesign coming very soon. A bit about me.... I am a WordPress web designer and techie VA. I specialize in List Building / Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Event Marketing (telesummit support and training) just to name a few. I work with all types of business however my niche market is Coaches. Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Business Coaches etc.. I am have one beautiful daughter and married to one amazing man! I am blessed to have the career that I love and a family that means more than life itself. I am also blessed to have such an amazing online family around the world. Life is grand and I look forward to helping others achieve the same happiness and success. Lets rock this online world together!!! Serena Carcasole
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