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    I love learning new things.
    Always trying new ways to expand my knowledge.
    I enjoy helping people with their issues (good or bad).

    I like Hockey!

    And most of all spending time with my 12 year old boy Geo!
  1. Carbonite works for me too.
  2. Patty, thanks for the "heads up" about the klennex; I went through a few of them. That was awesome!
  3. That is wonderful...Congratulations!
  4. Hello everyone! Thank you all for your support. The surgery turned out well...thank God, and today I'm feeling much better. I'm not too happy about the 4 small holes on my stomach and the staples to close them up , but I'm just glad it's all over and it was definately worth it. Thanks again... Lorel
  5. Thank you very much... I hope you're felling better and I also wish you a speedy recovery.
  6. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the advice and support; I really appreciate it. Thanks! Lorel
  7. Hello everyone, Well...this Wednesday I'm having my gallbladder removed. I'm a little nervous, and scared, but not having to suffer anymore with my stomach problems and everything I eat will make it all worth it. I'm actually looking forward to being home (and not at my full time job) for 2 weeks and finishing My Internet Marketing Course, starting a new course and work on getting clients. I know my health comes first that's why I having the surgery, but taking advantage of the 2 weeks I'll be home will be great. Has anyone had the procedure done? Lorel
  8. Hi! I'm in Boston, MA; I've been living here for 2years.
  9. Hello, I just added the Meta Tag to the Main Page (Home Page) on my site. My question is: Do I have to add the Meta Tag on all the pages in my site or is the main page the only place it goes? Thanks!
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