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  1. I plan to go to Doreen Rainey's conference "Get Radical" in March, IVAA in April/May and eWomen in August. I absolutely love going to VA events and wouldn't miss IVAA (especially since it's Vegas and that is on my bucket list). This year I decided to start a budget for conferences outside of the VA world as well. Places where my clients will be. The Return on Investment (ROI) is huge at these conferences and you make so many valuable connections and most importantly the quality of the speakers is second to none. When I am deciding on a conference I consider a few things: 1. What is the potential ROI (will potential clients be there, will I make connections that may know my potential clients, are there topics that I am interested in learning about, but that will give me new skills in my business) 2. What is my goal going in (build relationships, learn a new skill, listen to motivating speakers, etc.) that will have the biggest impact on me and my business right now. It has only really been this past year that I have ventured outside the VA world, but before that I concentrated on VA events because my budget was much smaller. As a new Virtual Assistant I told myself I didn't need to attend these conferences or I couldn't "afford" to go. After attending my first conference I realized I couldn't afford not to go. I made so many connections with other VAs and the thing I forgot is that these VAs are in front of my potential clients too. Not every VA is going to be a good fit for a potential client and because I went to these events and made a good impression on my VA colleagues they began to refer the people that weren't a good fit for them to me. I quickly started gaining business, experience and saw a good Return on Investment. On the flip side I am now the person going to these events looking to make connections for potential referrals as my business is full. Networking in person is so important and as Virtual Assistants we are all guilty of "hiding" behind our computers from time to time and forgetting that. Okay sorry to have jumped up on my soap box and I will stop preaching now about why I think conferences are so important! Tawnya, I can't wait to see you again this Spring and we will have to do Vegas right and do some sight seeing just as we did in Memphis!!
  2. That sounds good to me. Made me want to look into it more. Some people are very passionate about this issue, why not add a "cc" on the bottom of your letter when you send this to the newspaper letting them know you are sending to groups that are passionate about this issue such as recycling advocates and the like. This will let them know you mean business!!
  3. Here is the advantage I say that I have over other bookkeepers ... other bookkeepers concentrate solely on bookkeeping, but I am able to take care of all the admin tasks associated as well. They only need to deal with one person to meet all their needs. Find that one thing that you have that others don't and the "selling" will be easy. Make sure you tell everyone that will listen that you are ready and willing to take on clients and exactly what you can do to make their life easier ... the rest will fall into place.
  4. I am planning to start having get togethers in London, Ontario, but wanted to gauge interest beforehand. How many of you would be willing to make the trip and what days, times work best for you?
  5. Congrats Kathie ... I wish, I wish, I wish, but unfortunately it isn't in my budget this year I am so happy for you that you are starting this. Good luck with everything!!
  6. Well I can't wait to meet all of you and see some of my previous FoVA buddies again ... 8 months and counting ... this is going to become a very long post indeed by the time 8 months passes
  7. Also, keep in mind that the $30K threshold is for any period of 12 months and not necessarily a fiscal year. You must start remitting as soon as you reach that 30K ... I think it is just easier if you charge GST from the beginning then trying to explain to your clients at a later point. It also gives you the "illusion" of being a bigger company because many people are aware that you don't have to charge until you have earnings of $30K Finally, keep in mind that you don't have to charge or remit when you work with people outside of Canada. Just make sure to keep track when your clients are outside of Canada.
  8. OMG ... Patty ... you can't say that but I guess you already did ... thanks for the laugh!! rolf
  9. Sorry that you had this experience Crystal, but hopefully your experiences can save so many of the members here.
  10. Hi all, With the introduction of several exciting new programs and ideas for VAnetworking, we will be needing some volunteer assistance. Below is a list of the volunteer positions that we are presently looking for some help with. If you are interested, please send an email to Yvonne at president [at] vainsiders [dot] com with the position you are interested in and what experience you have relating to that position. We will be considering all applicants and making a decision as of April 1st. Each of these positions is estimated to take between 5 and 10 hours per month. Seminars Coordinator Responsibilities will include finding speakers, promoting seminars through social media and membership sites, press release submissions and attending and recording all seminars. Promotions Coordinator Responsibilities will include coordinating all VAcommentators and ensuring that they are promoting VAnetworking effectively together with monthly reporting. Press Coordinator Responsibilities include marketing our network to outside sources through press release writing and submissions. Responsibilities also include arranging speaking engagements that enable Tawnya Sutherland to further bring awareness to virtual assistants worldwide. Affiliate Coordinator Responsibilities include finding new affiliates for our network for products that interest our members. Keeping up with daily posts and inserting provided affiliate links into forum posts where appropriate.
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