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  1. Thank you guys! That was extremely informative and helpful. I've sent an email back to the client, using a lot of your input. Thank you all so much- I'll let you know how it goes!
  2. Hey guys, So, I have a new potential client. I am very excited for the opportunity, but he's thrown a few questions my way that I need to bounce off some other VA's who've been doing this longer. Do you have any suggestions? Is he asking too much? 1.) Ensure, from a remote location, that contractors are doing the work and doing it well---> Okay, so before and after pictures? How do I ensure the date? Ask them to Skype me? A lot of contractors don't carry smartphones as they break too easily on the job. 2.) On the property there are several street lights. The often need to be replaced, however, we do not have any current way of knowing which ones were replaced / when, and which may be under warrantee and we should not have to pay for them. If we hired you, what system would you put into place to ensure we never paid for a light repair that was covered under warrantee?---> Keeping track of this would be no problem, but how would I initially learn which ones might be under warranty with no prior information? 3.) What questions would I ask about an attached bill for a drain replacement? --> This is pretty straightforward, right? Just ask what was wrong with the drain, how they repaired it, and then research the cheapest ways that can be repaired, so we know we aren't being charged an inflated price? I need to respond to this client soon- do you all have any words of wisdom for me? Also, what tools of communication do you all use between your clients? Email/phone/skype/Asana? Anything else? Also, are there any good time-tracking tools? Thank you all!
  3. I recently started working with an author but I really am not sure what type of rates I should be billing and how to bill it? Per page/chapter etc? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give
  4. That's what I thought but I was afraid to offer it, thank you for validating the answer!!!
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I've got a time sensitive question: My client needs something delivered however he doesn't know where he'll be by the delivery date. I'm sure this is a ridiculous question but he's asked if I have any ideas of where to have it sent. My only thought is I have it delivered to me and then forward it to him. Anyone else have an idea? Thank you so much for any help!
  6. Wow, what an old topic this is...anyone still interested?? I live in Essex Cty but have family in Middlesex Cty so it's easier for me to be flexible on where I meet up with people Looking forward to hearing from you
  7. I'd like to Thank you ladies for welcoming me! But I apologize for taking so long.
  8. Roxie Desort www.VirtualAssistanceByRoxie I started as a VA about 3 years ago when I decided to look into how to work from home and what my choices were. That’s when I learned that with the skills I already had I could at least start working with some clients as I researched what I would need to make it as an actual VA. I did find your forum which helped me so much. I finally managed to order your VAC and it’s absolutely amazing! Thank you!! I find I’ve been working mostly with Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Advisor’s. I enjoy working in this field and find I’m learning a lot about the financial industry. I work as project manager, email management, I’m in charge of scheduling, data entry and project management. I have a wonderful family, my two boys, my husband and absolute best friend in the whole world as well as my biggest cheerleader and supporter and then there’s our two other boys, the ferrets Jasper and Bandit ( they really keep us on our toes being little clowns). I’m Jersey born and bred J. My husband and I have been together for 11 years now and again he’s my absolute best friend in the whole world. I consider myself truly blessed! We enjoy spending time together riding ATV’s shooting, spending as much time as possible outdoors. In my own time I love reading, crocheting, spinning (making yarn) and tatting (making lace); basically I can be a girly girl or a tomboy.
  9. Hey all I haven't posted in a bit but I think we should try for the second weekend in November before it gets too crazy with the holidays what do you say?
  10. I'm in Essex County and missed the last meetup maybe we could schedule another if anyone is interested? If not you and I could meet somewhere in the middle lol! I think the middle would be somewhere in central Jersey how's woodbridge? Panera Bread for coffee? Or the closest Starbuck's what do you guys think it'[s about 45 minutes from me
  11. I'm in Essex County and missed the last meetup maybe we could schedule another if anyone is interested? If not you and I could meet somewhere in the middle lol!
  12. Hi all, I'm just starting out myself being a VA is something I've thought about for a few years off and on however I didn't realize there was a name for it lol. Then a few weeks ago I came across it again on a christian site and thought well maybe God is pointing me in this direction so I spent a good week researching, signing up for forums and finally starting my site!!! I'm very impulsive lol. Then I read a post someone made on another board and I loved her ethics so much I asked if I could subcontract for her and got my first job!!!! I'm soooo excited I can't believe I'm actually doing it but I know I can. Roxie Virtual Assistance by Roxie Roxie@virtualassistancebyroxie.com
  13. Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks again for making me feel so welcome! I really look forward to learning as much as I can from all of you.
  14. Hi all, I am so glad I found this site it's awesome and the people here are so friendly and helpful! I'm just getting started in the VA industry and am of course very excited; I've started a blog, but I don't have a website yet...I've been looking for something free or very inexpensive and easy to start off with as I really have no income yet does anyone have suggestions? My next question is where do I go from here as in where should I start marketing that would be again inexpensive and how did you find your first clients? Or did they find you? I appreciate any input anyone can give me and am ofcourse always looking to meet new people and make friends! Thank you ahead of time!!! Roxie w/Virtual Assistance by Roxie
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