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  1. Thanks Tawnya! The picture I have right now is fine for avatars and social media, but I am looking at a picture that will look good in all sizes. I am very grateful for your Christmas stocking with the blogging course and the PLR. That will help me a lot to add content in a relevant way as I have an easier time adding to my functions.php and style.css files than writing articles as such. Thanks for the free gifts too! Marie-Claude
  2. After being a long-time lurker here I have finally opened my VA website and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions: https://solopreneurdesign.com Thanks in advance! Marie-Claude
  3. Red Flags that tell me to avoid taking in a particular client: a client who says they are respectful or honest; in my experience if someone needs to specify it they will probably act otherwise a client who says that "money is not an issue" a client who haggles the price under the pretext that "they will bring me plenty of business" Last year I fired a transcription client who complained that I did not have enough availability for her work, when I asked her how much volume she wanted to send me she replied that "she could not tell because it varies all the time as she is self-employed". I am self-employed as well and I don't think I should turn my thumbs in case she needs something done. Marie-Claude
  4. Fantastico and other 1-click installs are introducing security risks into WordPress because they use default options that are known vulnerabilities, such as the wp_ database prefix and the Admin user. "Long" installs let you choose your own prefix and username. Some security measures I have added to my website in progress: Password-protecting the wp-login page Deleting the /wp-admin/install.php and readme.html files Moving wp-config up one folder and setting its permissions to 440 I have also used the "Ultimate Security Checker" plugin that checks for vulnerabilities and gives instructions on how to fix them. For those who are not comfortable making manual fixes, the plugin authors also offer a fixing service for a fee.
  5. For common email replies, there is a feature called "Canned Replies" that can be activated through Google Labs. I have found this practical to save what I often reply so I don't have to type the same thing over and over again. To send emails at a later date/time, I use Boomerang for Gmail (www.boomeranggmail.com). Recently I started using Google Agenda to remind me of tasks I need to perform. At a time I decide Google sends me an email to notify me that the task needs to be done soon. Marie-Claude
  6. I also use Express Scribe for transcription. What I like most about it is that if for some reason I can't finish a transcription in one setting I can close ES and repoen it at a later time and the audio file will start playing at the exact spot where I stopped it. The company that makes ES also sells a typing expander software named Fast Fox. Has anybody tried it? Does it really saves you time when you do transcription?
  7. For Gmail, there is Boomerang, which is an extension you add to your browser so you can schedule emails for later. They have a free version that allows you to send 10 emails a month. http://www.boomeranggmail.com/
  8. I have used the free version of AVG for years on my Windows computer and I find it to be very good. I also use MalwareBytes and SpyBot, and CCleaner for files that need to be permanently deleted.
  9. I can't believe this is still going on! I got that type of call this morning and hung up the minute the guy said the word "virus". There are probably some people who still fall for this.
  10. I bought my seat, looked through the archives, and I am pleased with the investment I have made. There is a lot to learn, which will help me to start my VA practice on solid foundations. I am looking forward to the live presentations. Marie-Claude
  11. There are clients out there who are willing to pay a good price for a quality transcription. One of my transcription clients is a translation team who dictates their translations to get more work done. If the transcription is full of grammar and spelling mistakes, or if the layout does not match the original document, they would need to spend extra time correcting those mistakes, which would defeat the purpose of using transcription. For them sending a transcription overseas is not an option. Marie-Claude
  12. Thanks for sharing this, Danielle. This also seems to be a great tool to make it harder for people who want to steal content and pass it off as theirs.
  13. I have experience with HostGator and I second what has been said about them: great price and practically no server downtime. As Kathy said it's always an excellent idea to keep hosting and domain name registration separate. I have read that some hosting companies will take a long time to transfer your domain name if you decide to switch to another company.
  14. I really like the portfolio idea, you both made a great suggestion. It's great that I can practice skills on my own until I am confident enough to offer them to clients, I intend to keep educating myself constantly as I operate my business. Thank you for the welcome, Danielle.
  15. Hello My name is Marie-Claude and I am currently in the planning stages of my VA business. The posts I have read on this forum have been very informative and helpful as I want to start my business on solid foundations. I have spotted a few areas in which I will need to obtain training, however my question is: how do you present your new skills to potential clients? I am very interested in getting training for skills like SEO optimization, 1ShoppingCart and setting up member websites, but once I have done the training, how do I prove that I know how to do the requested job? Thanks Marie-Claude
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