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  1. It depends from person to person. Usually I charge according to the deal closed between me and the client. It comes out according to an understanding with the overall project cost, that the client is gonna bear.
  2. Along with Social Media, look out for all possible ways of marketing. SEO, PPC are the demanding sort of marketing techniques that eventually helps generate a handsome no of traffic.
  3. Yes, the switching of accounts in mobile app is required once you start using app in your mobile and with 2 accounts time by time.
  4. Something worth considering. Advice provided here is absolutely informative in the move to be considerably helpful to all those prior in using quickbooks.
  5. I liked the 1st one. Looks quite professional. Go ahead with that.
  6. Huh...So many likes. Can I request for some likes for my blog page in facebook - https://www.facebook.com/careerbolster If possible can I get some help for twitter - https://twitter.com/career_bolster G+ - https://plus.google.com/+CareerbolsterCB/about
  7. Either way the content should be discovered. Content in any way is helpful today for any website. Either it is discovered by joint effort with the client, directly from the client or ourself makes a significant contribution to the website.
  8. Templates look amazing. Basically I prefer using notepad++ for editing the web pages and making stuffs more reflective and happening. And apart from that some of the CMS tools I prefer using which contributes to the functionality level operations in the pages.
  9. I think so that wordpress.org is the best option in this case to get all the needs you are in required of. I am not practically aware of services or product avaible there but most of the wordpress development and widgets or plugins are available there.
  10. Have used AWS for many of my clients applications hosting. The service is just amazing and workable. I am pretty happpy with the services provided by them and intensively make all my applications hosted there only. There is no doubt in chosing AWS as the hosting partner.
  11. Sage is also a remarkable tool and is the best alternative of Quickbooks. What I believe in the business industry that the more feasible and hassle free one tool would be, the more would be the productivity at respective aspect. And hence with the same approach, I believe the usage of cloud based tools.
  12. Nice tools by the way for transportation purpose. practically I believe that such tools are more respectively confined to the easy and smooth transportation in every possible segments.
  13. I would suggest you to look out for a unique name and then work on it to gain a rapport where in at a time the same name would be popular at a respective.
  14. Basically most of the organization prefer using the tool that strategically helps maintain a client interaction smooth and successful in every possible transaction. Similar way in our organization we have been using the cloud based task management software from Replicon which is one of the hassle free tool and maintains the better smooth operation of the work. Check it out here - http://www.replicon.com/olp/task-management-software.aspx
  15. In a long run hourly wages cannot be avoided but rather the guidelines are to be followed up keeping the considerable amount of approach to be constant. The government guidelines are more preferably acceptable at every point of instance. One web link I would like to share here which defines the latest and updated wage and hour compliance. Check it out here - http://www.replicon.com/labor-law-compliance
  16. I would recommend to go with Spacious theme. Recently I too started my blog site and I went for the same by looking out at the ratings and no of downloads. And more over this theme is responsive which is an added plus point to the same.
  17. No doubt Linkedin features exclusive set of marketing approaches for marketing a product or services but making the moves more refined makes a positive impact in all aspects. The engagement in all respective level makes a significant strategy to make out the end result achieved in acceptable form.
  18. For billing, expense management and also creadit card stuffs in our organization we have been using the cloud based expense reporting software. The tool basically helps manage all the expenses and also the monetary cash flow derives more efficiently in every possible aspects.
  19. Fantastic information. One who would be looking out for the VA information, this website is the perfect platform. And the one who are in a stage looking out to build a career in VA industry also would get relevant and exact information from here. I thank you for the valuable information shared.
  20. In our company we do depend on cloud based platform for the files transaction. We do not depend on the local host for the operation to be accomplished and carried out. The risk level is also less and also the accessibility does not have any issues there of.
  21. $5.75 per hour is extremely high. as mentioned in the previous reply $1.50 sounds good for any virtual assistance deploying the services mentioned. Need to look out for other services as well at a preferable standard.
  22. There are some websites which sell email databases. Just look out for some of those in Google and you will get a plenty of databases.
  23. That is a nice slide show. Any one who has been working as a freelancer strategically keeps importance to have this slide read out for a successful freelancer. Good presentation. Thanks for the great work for we freelancers.
  24. Bluehost, Dreamhost, Godaddy, Bigrock. These are some of the reputed hosting service provider companies. Apart from that some non reputed are also there but the uptime is pretty less on those.
  25. Try your luck in social media platform. As per my knowledge social media is one of the best platform to be considered there of for the promotion of any online business at full pace. Try out different strategies on the same.
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