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  1. Hi Lynnie, I am also in the UK and very new to this. I've set up a website (www.aldertypingservices.co.uk) and also a facebook page - Alder Typing Services. I'll be happy to chat any time on facebook. Hope all goes well for you. I'm finding it very difficult to get started so it would be good to chat. Alison
  2. I have set up my own website now www.aldertypingservices.co.uk so i'm hoping for some work from their. I have a friend in Hong Kong who I hope is going to forward my flyer to her friends who own their own business. I know it is probably the best advice to joing the vainsiders but at the moment money is very tight and there is no spare. If anyone has any advice about writing emails to target companies let me know. I hate receiving those spam emails so want to avoid sending them to others if I can. I seem to miss the webinars, something to do with the time difference for the UK but I have watched the videos. I've had one client so far who i've designed and produced 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations for. I just hope it keeps coming so that I can leave my part time job and do this full time.
  3. Mmmm I'm afraid it would have to be 'no coffee, no workee' for me! lol
  4. Hi, I'm just starting out too and I would agree with Danielle. You need to do whatever you felt comfortable with. I would probably just make sure that there was a written agreement between you either way so that there was no confusion. I would also charge a project rate in this case, I think the client would be more comfortable knowing how much the job was going to cost from start. Good luck in your new venture. I am still waiting for clients but it's very early days for me yet.
  5. Thank you for all your advice. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Isn't it always the same, that whenever you start something new then something takes over your time and you have to lay it aside for a while. Especially when you are a working mother/grandmother!! Well crisis over now so I can once again give my new business venture my full attention. I'll certainly look into all the advice you have given. Thank you so much. Alison
  6. Hi all, I am just starting out as a Virtual Assistant. For the last 30 years i've worked in Administration and for the last 15 of those as a secretary in my local secondary high school. Now i've decided to work from home copying typing, reports, manuscripts, presentations, audio transcription, filing, laminating, spreadsheet data entry etc. If anyone has any good ideas, contacts etc then i'd really love to hear from you.
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