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  1. Hi, I am reaching out to all VAinsiders to see if anyone is interested in bartering or trading a testimonial for services. I am a new VA and looking for experience and testimonials. If you have overwhelmed, need help, could use extra hands, get excellent customer service and other assistance, please contact me at deblco14@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi, I am a new member looking for an internship or job with training as a new VA. I have fifteen years offline experience and I want to transition to an online VA. I have some training on several software programs and I have administrative skills. If you or someone you know needs an extra set of hands, please contact me. If this isn't the place to post this, I am sorry, please accuse me. Thank you for considering this offer. Deborah
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to adjust the length of a website header? Does anyone know how to shorten the length wise distance between header text? Does anyone know how to access and change header code or where to access and make changes to the header area in the edit mode/backend of the website? My website is www.virtualserviceassistant.com, if anyone knows how to fix the header area, I would so appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Deborah
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