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  1. Hello All I use the Divi theme for my website, and I have "Pricing" listed on my navigation bar and when you hover over it, the individual names are listed. I don't want the actual "Pricing" page accessible but rather just listed in the navigation bar. In other words, there is no content on this page. Is there a way to make the page not accessible? I sure hope I made sense. Thanks Michelle
  2. Having fun with this. It's my 5th week. Check out my last Q&A published.
  3. Our newspaper has a program called "Ask the Expert" and it runs every week. I purchased the program and I get a large business ad plus I submit Questions and answers that will be published weekly. I am working on my Q&A list now. Looking for question ideas besides what is a VA. Please send me your ideas. Thanks Michelle
  4. I have a local client who feels she is not good at selling herself. She has complimented me several times on my ability to connect with people. I recognize that not everyone has this ability for whatever reason and so I started to ask myself if this is a niche I can I provide it as a service. For instance a Sales Rep. For example, my client would like to increase the number of wholesalers to carry her product in their stores and connect with professionals such as realtors so they can purchase her product as thank you gifts. Both of which will require her to sell herself, her product and connect with them. Curious to know your thoughts...is this a service I can offer to my local clients? If so how do you think I should offer it? Or how do you see me offering the service? Thanks so much Michelle
  5. Janine, My sincere apologies for the delay response. Thank you so very much for your valuable input. She is too small to utilize a fulfillment company. I have done some research for her, and I think either FedEx and or UPS may be a better and convenient option. Thanks again! Also, thank you, everyone, who replied to my post. I so appreciate your suggestions and comments. Michelle
  6. Hello All I have a client who owns a small candle making business and is very good at it. She has asked me to bring organization to her business. ha-ha. I am working on setting up processes and one of which is researching the best shipping method for her online orders. She hasn't had the time to research it so she has been offering FREE Shipping on orders. OUCH! She uses USPS, but has found she had to replace candles because of them be broken when delivered. This is not hard thing to figure out and I am currently researching it for her. But I wanted to post something here because there is great wisdom in the forums I would love to hear your suggestions and your personal experiences with shipping products. Thanks ALL! Michelle
  7. I am a member of Melissa's Freedom Academy and Love her stuff. Mark, if you haven't joined already email me what in particular you are looking for and I can help you. It's the least I can do for you have done for me! I use Leadpages and like it. However, I just started using it April so I may not have experienced what other have. Michelle
  8. I actually ignored the request. I tried googling the company and the emailer but nothing came up. Everyone's response was confirmation that my intuition was right on. Thanks all!
  9. Thanks EVERYONE! Thanks Janine for the resource. Michelle
  10. Hello All! I am a NEW VA with LOTS of valuable professional experience from my previous employment. I am confident in my value and those who know me also know my value. In NO way am I patting my own back and giving myself kudos, BUT rather it quite the opposite. I have expressed interest from potential clients, but No clients as of yet. If I was looking for a VA, and not really knowing her potential, but like her experience and background I would be open to a "Test-Drive" prior to buying. I feel this is a WIN-Win for both of us. Benefits to the client are obvious. My benefit: it will put me on the VA map, its an opportunity to prove my value, it will create a valuable testimonial and in turn will attract others to pay for my services. I am sure there are lots of other benefits. I want to offer a "Test-Drive" to a local small business owner but not sure how to propose it or create the details around the offer. So this is where I REALLY need your HELP by giving your advice, suggestions, recommendations and or Resources. I would LOVE to hear about your experience with offering a "Test-Drive" to a potential client. Should I offer my services to a potential client for FREE? How long do I provide services for? 30-60-90 days? What services do I offer? For example, do I do everything on their list or ask what their immediate needs are and provide services for the top 1-2 needs? What are some examples of the dialogue between me and the potential client? In other words, I want the potential client to see the value and benefit of this offer. Thanks so much in advance! I REALLY look forward to reading your replies! Michelle Downing~Virtually Aligned Business Services Virtuallyaligned.com
  11. Hi Julian Bonded is sometimes confused with insurance, actually bonding helps ensure that the job you've been hired to do is performed and that the customer is protected against losses from theft or damage done by your employees. The most common businesses that bond employees are general contractors, temporary personnel agencies, janitorial companies and companies with government contracts. I want to know if anyone else has come across this question from potential clients? The work the gentlemen wants done is telemarketing services. I am not really interested in this type of opportunity. But I suppose if I were interested I could let him know that I am NOT bonded and I am a solo-penner so I do not have employees and can follow up with that I am insured (realizing it is different from being bonded). Thanks for replying Julian!
  12. Is anyone Bonded? know what it means. I had someone email me for telemarketing services and asked if I am bonded. I am not bonded but is it necessary to be?
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