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  1. Organic traffic is my best source of traffic. Secondly social media like reddit and facebook. I also get traffic from stumbleupon and sometimes they are not converting.
  2. If you think it's not fair then I think it's better to draw up a contract so the two of you can meet half way. Is he a long time client?
  3. We've been using Google Analytics for tracking the traffic coming to our website. I feel like analytics also serve as your guide on the best thing to do in case you don't like the kind of traffic coming to your site.To learn more about it just google it or watch youtube videos for tutorials.
  4. Hi Paulette,will this rank me high in the search engines? Hello, this won't rank you. It's not like you install it and it will help you rank in search engine by just using keywords. It's just an seo plugin. For you to rank in some keywords you need to create quality content, use relevant keywords for that topic and promote it.
  5. When it comes to bigger projects I don't usually trust to award the job in fiverr. I used to for like outsourcing petty jobs like attracting likes to Facebook or getting followers on twitter.
  6. Creating a viral content is not easy but you will definitely get so many tips and ideas online. I am trying to create viral content on my blog but still no luck at this time. I think it takes time and I'm still learning anyway.
  7. Xero is so new to me although I've read so many good reviews about it. So far we're still sticking to Quickbooks desktop version because we've been using it for years. I'm now intrigue to learn Xero pretty soon.
  8. Maybe it's just so full of dust. But if after cleaning it still sounds unusual why not bring it to repair shop. Or if your computer is too old why not get a new one.
  9. Hi there everyone! I'm so excited that finally I am officially part of this wonderful forum. I've been searching for the right community to join weeks ago and I think I signed up in the right place now. I want to learn more here and upgrade my knowledge as a VA, I know there are a lot of qualified experts here who can help me out and guide me through. Thanks in advance!
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