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  1. I don't necessarily like the thought of paying for ads but at this point in time with me working full-time it is extremely difficult for me to get out their and "beat the pavement" so I am thinking about running some Facebook ads to have them do it for me. I have somebody who is willing to help me so I will see what I can come up with and then report back to you. Tracy Collins
  2. What about something like Ecommerce Solutions, while following the lord or something like that. If you target is christian life authors and coaches then you need to somehow incorporate that into your tagline because that will be your connection with your potentials. Tracy Collins
  3. Has anybody used Facebook ads and what was your experience with them? Tracy Collins
  4. Actually yeah I do. I complete set up a past client in Quickbooks Online and did his bookkeeping for a while using it. Have her contact me and we will see what we can do. Tracy Collins
  5. Yeah that is kind of where I at with it. I did reply to two of them on craigslist todat and basically I told them about my experience and then asked them about the job and their business but didn’t tell them abouty business. So I am just waiting to see if they reply. Tracy Collins
  6. Okay so I moved to a large metro area and I am seeing a lot of postings on craigslist and other job boards for part time bookkeepers but they want them as employees and I even tried using Thumbtack but they want employees as well so how do you get this huge pool of potentials to jump ship and come over to the outsourcing side? Tracy Collins
  7. I agree with everyone. In a perfect world it would be great to have all the receipts but sometimes that is just too difficult. How many times do you get a receipt and just throw it in your never ending abyss known as your purse only to be lost forever . I think I would just put in my engagement letter that you are not responsible should the customer not give their receipts to you and just as another cover my butt thing, I would make a list to give to my customers to have them sign off of receipts I didnt have. Tracy Collins
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Tracy Collins and I am the owner of Collins Bookkeeping. I have been a member here in the past but then due to some personal issues I had to let my time and membership lapse but I am back. I started my virtual assistant business several years ago and then my husband, two children and myself packed up and moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and we couldn't be happier. During this time I basically shut my business down in Pennsylvania and I took a hiatus to get settled and rethink my intentions for starting my own business again and realized my intentions were pure because I have a passion and legitimately wanted to help small business owners so here I am back at it again and looking forward to it. Tracy Collins
  9. I know this is late to the party but you do not have to pay to be a proadvisor right away. You can become a proadvisor for Quickbooks online free of charge. It gets your name on the proadvisor website. However, the more certifications you have the higher up your name appears when somebody searches. If you pay for it and you get certified in QB desktop and QB online then you can continue to take the QB desktop test yearly, free of charge you just don't get the free software. Tracy Collins
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