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  1. remotegirlfrida

    VA'ing when retired

    I'm a retired Quality Assurance Manager who started editing part time (I'm a writer as well) and it just grew into editing, copy editing, proofreading and virtual assistance. I'm only wanting to do this part time, as I am writing novels. But jobs and projects and clients have a way of blossoming! So I network with other freelancers to spread out the work I don't want or can't do. I feel like I have friends all over the world now. Good luck in your business! Pat www.editalley.com www.pathauldren.net www.remotegirlfriday.com
  2. I got a huge job to do and bid fairly low because of the vast quantity of work and that most of it was pretty easy. I found VAs from the Philippines who work for less because of the exchange rate. It's a way for them to get some experience and then they end up moving on to their own business or better paying jobs. I agree. Service is where we have to compete.
  3. remotegirlfrida

    VA, Editor, Writer New to group

    thanks everyone for the welcome!
  4. Hi eveyrone! I'm Pat Hauldren. I'm farily new to VA work and this site. I started helping out a friend, who referred me to her friend, who referred me... and on it goes. Now I want to scale back just a tad (well, after I fix the hot water pipe, the ac, my car....) to concentrate on my own writing. I'm enjoying both, and the $ help. I'm in Texas, USA, but often get clients from Canada. Dunno how that happened, but it's nice and the further the better, right? I've published a few anthologies of short stories and poetry, as well as short stories, poems, articles, blogs, and working on novels. Thanks for letting me learn from this great resource! Pat

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