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  1. Hi! Congratulations! I think that research and demos are both the most effective ways of finding the right accounting software for you. I use Ledgersync which allows clients to fill out their own details and then I can receive all their financial information automatically which is great for staying on top of things and I don't have to chase my clients for information like I used to with other software. I hope you find the right software for you
  2. Great information Lily! I think that a lot of freelance accountants and small businesses have a lot of research to do to find the best software for them. I combine Quickbooks and Ledgersync. It's a cloud-based software that allows my clients to sign up and fill in their details so that I receive automatic updates on all of their financing. I don't have to chase them up or wait for a meeting to do my work anymore! It also shows you copies of checks so I don't have that hurdle to jump anymore. I'd highly recommend!
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