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  1. Anyone else get a call from them? They left a message that they were teaming up with Virtual Assistants on growing their business. I wanted to see what type of thing they were selling or what scam? thansk!
  2. Thanks to everyone, it made me feel alot better. Your insight is so appreciated!!
  3. Raised their rates and lost a client? I know there has been alot of discussion about this topic before but I would be interested in hearing if anyone had any issues and or lost a client due to a rate increase? Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  4. I have carbonite but it doesnt back up settings in outlook like email accounts, signatures etc. I have used backrex before but it was worthless, does anyone have any recommendarions for a outlook specific back up product? I tried the Genie 8 but it had errors each time I backed it up. Looking for a quality program. Thanks!!
  5. I have a few clients who are speakers and I really like working with people in this profession. I know that this is a growing niche for VA’s and many of my fellow VA’s have shown a lot of interest in this area. I found a Speaker VA Network and they offer a VA training & certification program and network. They have two training programs for Virtual Assistants wishing to receive their public speakers certification. They have an interesting bonus in that they also offer a discount to Speakers who want to “sponsor” their current assistants in the training. If you have clients who are speakers or if you are looking for a niche I think you will find this site beneficial. They are Speaker VA Network and this is their URL http://www.speakervanetwork.com/
  6. I have just heard that the 2.7 version will be out any day, does anyone know how bugs with 2.6.3 will affect that?
  7. I find myself putting blogging at the bottom of my list lately. I agree with the other post that the best time to post is when the idea is hot. For example, I just did a blog on business credit, a hot topic with all that is going on with the economy. I have been trying to post a blog when the idea hit..strike when the iron is hot they say
  8. Hi there! I think Google Analytics is fine but I am looking for something that I can review the stats via my content editor instead of having to log into the google account and view it. Lazy I know Just looking for some alternatives!
  9. Recently, while working with one of my own clients who is a speaker, I found Charli Jane Speaker Services www.CharliJane.com They offer a variety of services which include tools, resources, a searchable speakers directory and speaking leads for speakers. If anyone else has a client who is a speaker, they might find this useful. There is a free ebook on their site too. They are currently running a referral program which rewards referrals with a $15 Starbucks Gift Card and you don’t have to be a Member to get the card! For more information you can go to http://www.charlijane.com/referral_program.htm.
  10. Hello everyone, Has anyone used the plug in "statpress' for Wordpress? I need to find something other than google analyitics to see who has been on my site! Thanks!
  11. Happy Friday to all! Does anyone know of a place to find good widgets for twitter so I can post on the blog and website? I found one that was Opera widgets but it doesnt seem to work. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, I have been getting alot of traffic on my blogs lately and want to submit them to directories. any one have any suggestions on the best place to start? thanks!
  13. I was wanting to see if anyone out there has made the the investment for this? The pice is steep like $700 but more and more clients are needing pdf edits and other aspects that this software offers.. any feedback, was it worth the investment? Thanks!!
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