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  1. hello all, Typically I dont do reimbusements but I have a great client who needed me to order some things and wanted me to just bill him for the costs. So my question is, these costs will go on the invoice at billing time obviuously but how do I indicate I guess to my accountant that this is not actually income so I dont get taxed? I hope this makes sense. thanks!
  2. Am I missing something? I finally found some time to listen to the archives and I cannot get in, it asks me to log in, I use my log in and PW but no luck, any suggestions? thanks
  3. Awesome answer Jim, thank you very much. What you said does summarize what I was thinking. I like the fact also that things will be done right, as I am not an accountant nor do I know anything about taz laws and I certainly dont want to make uncle sam mad Since their services are a write off as well, I think it would be benefiical. Thanks again
  4. I just met with an accountant and they are charging $275 per quarter for their services (includes end of year taxes). We are still small and most likely wont need all the things included in the quartly service but I am most concerned about the payroll for my self and my parter, we really dont have alot of knowledge in the whole tax thing. My question, is this a good price? thanks amber
  5. Hello, I have a client who sent me a quickbook file, I cannot open it, I have the simple start edition. I created a new company but it still doesnt seem to open, any suggestions? thanks!
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that, it really helps! Amber
  7. I use quickbooks to to invoice my clients and keep track of expenses. I have a client who wants me to do some invoice work through quickbooks, how to I keep my stuff and his separate? THansk! Amber
  8. I know someone had provided a list of free press release websites a while back and I am wondering if anyone knows the list/ thanks so much!
  9. I had a potential client ask for my EIN, we have not signed a contract and are just in the 'into' phase, so I am not sure i feel comfortable giving that out just yet-or why he would need it. Am I paranoid?
  10. Thanks to all for the great feedback... I am concerned about 1099 forms that I have to supply to clients I think if I make over $600 or something..does turbo tax do that? Also I think I need to look into estimated taxes as I dont a surprise, anyone pay estimated taxes?
  11. I know tax season isnt not anytime soon (thank godness) but as this is my first year in business I am worried I wont be able to set aside enough for taxes. From your experiences is it beter to have a accountant file and do your taxes or will a software program for small business be ok? I want to make sure I get all my deductions! Also anyone do estimated taxes?
  12. Just curious as to how everyone decides how much money to set aside for the following years taxes? I am not making so much now that I think I need to pay estimated taxes? Just dont want a big surprise from the IRS next year Thanks Amber
  13. Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree with you, the sentence does need some revisons. It is good to have a fresh set of eyes look at it. Can you or anyone else share feelings on sdding the location of the business (city/state) is it necessary? thanks Amber
  14. May 28, 2007 Offsite Business Solutions Offers The “Virtual” Solution Offsite Business Solutions announces the launch of their website and virtual assistant services. Specializing in virtual administrative services for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. With many businesses realizing that virtual assistants are more cost efficient and productive than traditional employees hired to do administrative style work in-house. Offsite Business Solutions is an economical, effective and reliable alternative to in-house office staff and they pride themselves on exceptional customer service and competitive rates. Visit http://www.offsitebusinesssolutions.com for more information and a customized quote for your project. Contact: Offsite Business Solutions LLC 163 Winston Manor Circle Seffner, FL 33584 Toll Free: (866) 402-3654 Direct: (813) 657-5995 Fax: (813) 654-9571 URL: www.offsitebusinesssolutions.com Email: info@offsitebusinesssolutions.com ###
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