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    Writing! Business, and business owners - I love to hear stories about VA's who are living their ideal lives as a result of owning/operating their VA practices. Email me if you're up for this!

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  1. Thanks, Tawnya! I'm sure there are lots of us around here, but we're not all that easy to find! A mention in the Weekender Report would be great. Bonnie
  2. Hi, I just started an Edmonton area VA Meetup group for VAs in the Edmonton and surrounding areas. We used to get together for lunch a few times a year informally, but haven't done this for a couple of years, and I miss it! If you're in the Edmonton area (including Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Beaumont, etc.) please come and join in. We will probably get together on a monthly basis for lunch or coffee, and get to know each other, share some ideas, etc. The Meetup Group is here: http://www.meetup.com/Edmonton-Area-Virtual-Assistants/. The Meetup planned for today didn't happen due to road conditions so our first Meetup will likely happen in April. If you are not living in the Edmonton area but planning to visit, let us know and maybe some of us can meet you while you're here. Warmly, Bonnie Taylor Made Time
  3. Costco has QB software on sale this week - I think until December 2, 2007, but check their site for details. Bonnie
  4. Tawny, how very like you to tie all you do for us here into your bigger dreams. As you bring your own dreams to life (like working with Oprah) you bring all of us along with you. Who else would have thought to include a place for us in your Oprah Adventure? How can Oprah not want to meet you? You are such a huge support for all the VA's in this forum, and you have definitely brought the VA profession out into the open! You rock! Bonnie
  5. I hope this is the right place to post this information! I am excited about being one of the sponsors for the Brad Sugars "Billionaire in Training" event in Edmonton on September 13, and I have complimentary tickets to give away. If anyone is located near Edmonton and wants to attend, please visit the Taylor Made Time website to get the special code for your ticket. it would be great to meet some of you there, so if you decide to go please let me know - maybe we can arrange to meet for a coffee before or after! Brad is also doing this seminar in Red Deer, but if my registration code doesn't work to get you into that session please let me know. The attachment has more information about the event and about Brad Sugars. I have sent this code out to lots of people, so if you want to go, click fast! It's a limited number of tickets. See you there? Bonnie 20070821BIT.pdf
  6. I just found out that QuickBooks training is being offered in Ontario in the next week. I know the two gentlemen who offer this training, and they really know their stuff. If you are interested in learning more about QuickBooks, check out their training schedule. I don't know if they still have space for this session, but if you're interested, check it out. Solving Digits is a fairly new company, and I know their training is very good. They provide laptops so you actually do everything right along with them instead of just watching a presentation. I wanted to share this information as a resource, as I didn't realize they traveled all over Canada. They seem to go just about anywhere in Canada. It's not cheap but I think it's worth it - and I've added this in to my training budget for later this year. Cheers, Bonnie
  7. Thanks, Diana, that is the case but a different article. It's possible that the article I saw was in an industry-specific publication that isn't published on the internet - which would explain why it isn't showing up in searches! Bonnie
  8. I'm looking for an article regarding meal taxes in Canada. The article references the STapley case, in which the Federal Court of Appeal confirmed that meals can be expensed at 50% maximum. Does anyone have a link to this article on the internet? I can't remember where I saw the article posted, but I'm pretty sure it was in April that I saw it. Thanks! Bonnie
  9. I'm a little slow in seeing your post! I'm in Sherwood Park, let me know next time you are through this way - we'll get together for a coffee! Bonnie
  10. Gerald, good to hear you are making progress towards a more successful practice. Coaching is definitely a great way to help you to move forward! As you define your target market more precisely and learn what problems they need you to solve, you are bound to see better results with your networking. Good luck! Bonnie
  11. The latest TMT - Taylor Made Time Ezine is available now, would love to hear any comments! Bonnie
  12. If you are using accounting software, they usually provide tutorials on their website - at least QuickBooks does. It's not a book, but their support has been pretty good in my experience. Bonnie
  13. Hi Tawnya, Not sure of the answers you are looking for, but I can ask my QuickBooks Pro Advisor client for the GST phone number. She should have a valid one. As for getting your documentation to the bookkeeper, it might be more comfortable for you to find a local bookkeeper who will drop off and pick up your information. Sometimes *virtual* doesn't have to be out of your area! Most bookkeepers offer this solution. If you are always using your credit card or business bank account, you would also have each transaction listed in a secondary location as a backup. It would not be as detailed depending on what the bank includes for information, but it would be something. My husband downloads his bank statements to a Quicken program, and then goes through each one to assign the account. Quicken will memorize transactions so that after one transaction from a particular supplier is assigned, future transactions are automatically assigned. It saves him a fair amount of time, and might be a solution for your virtual bookkeeper to receive the information. Then you would only need to send/copy the transactions that aren't clearly identified on the statement. Hope that gives you some ideas. Bonnie
  14. Tawnya, This is great! You (and VANF!) are getting some awesome exposure this month! Here is another one that came through a Google Alert: MediaSyndicate (press release) - USA Bonnie
  15. Can you give us a quick review of this book? I almost bought it but can't decide between that one and several other blog books that have been recommended to me. What's your opinion? Thanks! My book pick this week is "excuse me, your life is waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. She presents the Law of Attraction in an easy to read and easy to understand format - it's a great read and I KNOW the law of attraction works! Bonnie
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