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  1. I have a client who is a Mac user and she's looking for a bookkeeper who can do Quickbooks (or perhaps another solution that is Mac accessible) such that she can have the ability to go in and look at her numbers, not just get a report. Is such a thing possible? She currently does not have an accounting/bookkeeping program set up for her business. Thanks Janice
  2. Hi - can you tell me where to email the donation? I am also forwarding it to my colleagues to see if they are interested in donating. Thanks Janice
  3. One more thing - you have a squeeze page - but it's a hard squeeze. It doesn't give the viewer a chance to by-pass the sign-up and get into your website. Personally for me, I like to be able to get inside and see what is offered before I decide to sign-up. I like to have that option. Sometimes I'll sign-up right away because the options there, or sometimes I'll sign-up once I get inside and see the great value. Just a thought.
  4. Hi Susanne - here's what I found - I agree with the others - when you go to the first site it seems salesy and loud. But I did try to enter my information to get a copy of your report. When I typed my name in the name box and pressed tab - it popped me to the next sign-up box - and prompted me for my name again. So for a user who was looking to download the report from a web-person - this would be something (in my opinion) that may tell a potential sign-up that she isn't able to get this part fixed. It would be something that I would then close the page. And perhaps that's what's happening with others. 2. I went to your website - and when I tried to download the report there I got an error message "Please Enter a Value." If that's what's happening, no one can sign-up for your report. I tried to do a screen shot and attach here - but the file size wouldn't let me. 3. You may want to have more enticing questions or enticing problems that this report will solve in your sign-up on your site. Hope that helps solve your problems! Janice
  5. Hi Linda, you mentioned that you have changed the date on your "task list" - so what is the date? I'll hold you accountable to it. My accountability for the month of November is to become more social on the social networking sites. To find blogs to comment on that are relevant to my target market. And to also have my VA complete my new and improved website (she's working on this now).
  6. Hi - I'm working with a client on their internal systems and helping them to create efficiencies. One thing that they've been having trouble with is the payroll tables not updating in 1 of their company files. I have not taken the time to sit down or to call technical support as I thought someone here might have a quick fix - or if that fix is to call Technical support that's fine too. As I understand it, they have 2 companies set up in Simply. One for construction company and one for a repair company. The construction company (the oldest one) appears to be downloading the table for payroll fine, but the repair company payroll tables keep notifying them to download and then when they do payroll, it's still calculating based on previous year payroll. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks Janice
  7. Oh Darn! I knew about this and I thought today that I should check to see when this was happening. I could have come in as well as I didn't have anything on that weekend. Perhaps another time. Janice
  8. First – you can’t manage time – you can only manage your schedule. If you find that you’re spending more time on tasks and not feeling like you’re getting anything accomplished – I would suggest: When do you feel that you are at your best? When you have the most energy? The most enthusiasm? This would be your ideal time to do your best work – not spend time ‘straightening your desk’ or ‘reading emails.’ So for example, if you are a morning person, you may want to schedule you’re client work for the early morning. Then in the afternoon when you’re not at your peak, you can do those other tasks that don’t have time commitments associated with them. And you’ll feel less guilty. Often times, people do it the opposite, they would spend the morning (or whenever their best energy is) catching up on emails and then when it’s time to settle and do work, they’re exhausted already. Depending on your work habits, you may wish to ‘chunk’ your time and use a timer to keep you moving from one task to another and not allowing yourself to get caught up in ‘picking and fixing’ And minimize those tasks that don’t add ‘profitable value’ to your business. To manage stress in my life, I make sure that I allow myself at least one day to enjoy my hobby. Personally for me that’s my horses. I need to get out and ride at least a couple of times a week – breath the fresh air and allow me time to rejuvenate. I schedule this in my calendar and I respect this time – it gives me life and energizes me. I find that I become more productive and make fewer mistakes when I allow myself a recovery time. I’ll be honest, I am not a VA, but I am starting a business to work from home to help other business owners. I have joined the VA Networking forum because I will be working with VAs for my business and will also be looking to provide referrals to clients I work with. So that said, my favourite part about being in business for myself is that I get to make decisions and choices that I feel make a difference and help others to have a successful business and life. I love it when I make a suggestion to someone and you can just see it click. That’s rewarding!
  9. Hi Abbie – What are your clients “pain”? Why do they need you? Are they overworked? Stressed? Unable to follow-up? Also, think about the benefits your clients will have working with you. How will you be helping them? You mentioned what you wouldn’t be doing – which is great to know – but what will you help them with. There have been quite a few suggestions – which probably gives you lots to work with. You should make sure that your tagline speaks to what you offer and has the benefit to the client. Also cute-sy taglines may not be seen as serious when thinking about your niche market. Janice
  10. Hi - I'm working with a client who uses Simply Accounting. I'm helping him to simplify his processes, and trying to get a brief understanding of Simply Accounting so that I can help him a bit more. I'm not sure what version he has, but do you know if Simply Accounting can be a web-based application that allows multiple users. When I went to the Simply Accounting website I see the Pro package allows multiple users, but wasn't sure how it works. He has it in his admin assistant's office, and he goes there to use it when he needs to. He would like to have it on his computer and/or also have his bookkeeper have access who is not located in the same building. Another question I have is regarding Work Orders. He does repair work on vehicles and orders parts for them. Is it possible to setup work orders in Simply so that when the part comes in, and is paid, is associated with that work order/vehicle that's being repaired. Thanks Janice Bennett
  11. I prefer #1 as well. I think that the clock being a bit darker perhaps is what I like. The post-it notes on the face I like the concept, but perhaps because it's brighter it just seems to shout at you. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. Janice
  12. I use Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Mostly Hoostsuite - as I prefer it to be able to see multiple social media and schedule updates to the multiple social media. It has it's moments - like others I suppose. I used Tweetdeck, but found it very distracting with all the chirping, and screen notifications. I did turn them off. What I do like about Tweetdeck is that I can tell what tweets I've viewed and clear the 'seen' updates - which is a nice feature when you have many you're following.
  13. Hi Marjolyn, I agree with PattyD it comes down to what you truly enjoy. Do you love your legal background? You may also want to ask others around you what they consider to be your strengths. This may be helpful in helping you decide. You may want to spend an afternoon thinking about what you love to do to help you narrow down your services. I believe that when we do what we love doing, our customer service is at its highest, we give our best to our clients and ourselves. Your services may be different than others because of your own experiences and education. Sometimes this exercise can be done by first writing out what you don't like doing and then it seems easier to write what you do want. Janice
  14. Hi John, I just found an RSS auto feed in the Hootsuite program. Looks like you can specify the URL, automate it to check for new posts by a specifc number of hours, number of tweets (looks like 5 max per update), include some post text in each tweet (short 20 characters). Janice
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