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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone and thanks Tawnya for putting on an AMAZING summit this week #VAVS18. I am learning so much and my brain is on overload! I have been a VA for 4+ years but only had 1 -2 clients doing data admin, email management and Web app/ mobile app testing. Now the main contract is ending and I am needing to sink or swim (and pay the rent next month)! My to-do list = 1) Create branding 2) Domain name 3) Website 4) Business Cards 5) Content creation 6) Email list creation/funnelling 7) Networking to find clients I learned how to produce podcasts back in 2016 and launched my own podcast in 2017. I produced over 60 episodes but ended up closing it down due to a number of reasons including the niche being a challenge - interviewing women who had difficult life stories and many had #MeToo stories as well. I really miss podcasting and would love to earn a living creating podcasts for other people and selling courses to help teach others all the ins and outs of podcasting. Since I don't have any previous podcast episodes I can share on a portfolio page, I am going to either create a sample podcast with 1-2 episodes or start a new podcast which would be a blast! I could interview other VA's and get the word out about how awesome being a VA is. If any of you have experience with podcasting, I would love to chat. - Wendy
  2. Hello! My name is Erin Boerema and I am an online entrepreneur, operating out of my home office, located in Jackson, MS and I am an aspiring, and self-motivated virtual business owner and founder of Optimal Virtual Assistance Solutions. I provide professional, precise, and personalized business support solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs with a multitude of various tasks and services. A few examples of the main services I offer are social media management, marketing support and strategy, graphic design and content curation, email marketing, handling, and newsletter campaigns. These are just a few of the services I offer, and the most routine services I provide to my clients. Aside from my online business, I enjoy many activities, although for me personally, the work I do is more like my passion and hobby and I truly enjoy the tasks I perform, as well as creating new posts and content. I also enjoy organizing and planning, specifically on paper, like by bullet journaling, or making checklists. I enjoy learning about new things, and learning new skills to grow and develop my business, as well as myself. Click Here to Visit The Optimal VA Solutions Website!
  3. Hello everyone My name is Afshan Ahmad and I'm a full time mummy. I have previously worked in a solicitor's office and for a bank for 4 years. After being full time stay at home mum for 4 years I now want to get back into working and focusing on my career alongside my family. Therefore, im interested in setting up my VA business from home and using my previous skills and experiences to get started. I would love if you could share your experience of being a VA please especially mummies. How do you manage with children especially during school holidays or your child is off for some other reason and you have work, meetings etc scheduled.. Thank you very much. Afshan
  4. Hello. My name is Corey Kaiba and I'm hoping to utilize this site in order to become a Virtual Agent. I have years of customer service experience working (held a job consistently in food service for 3 years, left due to University). I hope to meet some of you and establish helpful connections on this forum.
  5. Is there any advice anyone could give to a 21 year old woman who's seeking to begin her career as a virtual assistant? Utilizing the resources provided by this website, what is the best course of action I should take? As I'm brand new to this, I welcome all suggestions and recommendations!
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I'm from sunny Queensland in Australia. I'm a brand new VA (my website is still under construction) and I'm very excited about my new business venture. I'm a qualified nurse but working for a boss has never suited me so I decided to set something up for myself. I'm specialising in email/blog/social media management, general/medical transcription, online customer support, general admin and WordPress/landing page setup. I'm looking forward to corresponding with other VA's on this forum.
  7. I have been studying the VA world for about 6 months at a full-time pace. I just got the courage though to start up my own VA business. I have been a VA for clients through freelance websites, but I made A HUGE MISTAKE and did not get any testimonials or contact information as I don't use the sites anymore! So now not only am I just starting on my own, I have no clients.
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Marshanique Arthurs and I'm new to this field. However I'm very passionate about it. I'm eager to learn how it works. I would like to call it MAAssistant but I have just started with a website that just tells a little about me and the services I would offer: http://marshaniquewalker.wix.com/virtualassistant . I am willing to work 40 hours per week for 4 weeks for $10 per hour in an effort to learn and gain experience and also have a possibility of working full time with whoever accepts my offer. On a light note, I'm from the little island of Jamaica. I'm married to the most wonderful but sometimes irritating man and have created one child with him. This year makes two years since we decided to "tie the knot" my son is 8 months old now and such a joy to be around. I quit my job recently to pursue this dream and so far, even though I haven't been able to land a job, I have learnt so much. I hope my offer will be seen by someone seeking my skills and that my start to creating an awesome business will start soon
  9. Hello New VA's How are you from the last time you introduced yourself on the forum. I know that you might be facing some struggles or might need some questions answered. If so please feel free to comment on what issue you might be facing or where to be pointed in the right direction. PS. I will be happy to answer your questions, but please don't be mad if I do no know the answer. I will try to point you in the right direction. Best wishes.
  10. Hello fellow VA's!!!! So I have a question, or two for you. I have been told to get a website for my business to get it out there. Before I do I wanted to pick a domain name as well as a brand colour for my business. I have been using the words Rockstar Virtual Assistant and wanted your opinions if I brand my website along those words. Question1: Do you think if I have a website that has rockstar in it, will it make me seem unprofessional? Question 2: Please look at my brand board and tell me your opinion with these colours that I have chosen and what you think about them? Thanks a million! Ps. I cant seem to upload my board so I will try the FB group.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am so happy that there is a network here for Virtual Assistants. With that said I am Julian, preferably called Juli, a 30 year old from Jamaica. I have just started to do Virtual Assisting on two online platforms for Virtual Assistants (No I don't have a website as yet) I have a level II certification in Data Entry Operations and I am planning on studying some more in this field in the near future. On a more personal note I am not married or have any kids. I am a christian and so most of my activities includes volunteering in church activities, going to the beach and watching movies and most importantly spending quality time with my immediate family. I heard about this VA network from joining the VA group in LinkedIn. I look forward to your welcomes and thank you for having a platform like this one where we can network. Have yourself a good "ROCK" day.
  12. I am new here and overwhelmed! Been working as independent VA for more than 4 years, connected to different company's worldwide and become customer service for most of my work. Just some information here's what I can do. · Can Work full-time and Holidays. · Can work with less supervision. · Can deal with different types of people at a different level accordingly. · Can handle customer complaints and special request in relation to customer service. · Can supervise several people effectively. · Well experienced in the field of Customer Service and Sales. · Well Experienced in Business Development. · Well Experienced in several Programming tools. · Well experienced in dealing customer’s needs. · Well experienced in Sales and Marketing. · Well trained in leadership and group management. · Work Oriented in several fields. · Certified computer literate (Microsoft Application and Internet) · Experienced with wordpress and basic HTML editing. · Experienced RingCentral CRM, Clarify and Telegence Database for AT&T mobility. · With versatile attitude towards work. Now working part time as Remote Agent for AT&T Receivables Management for Mobility (COLLECTIONS DEPT.) Hope to get more work loads here! DrewCasulla
  13. Hello all, My name is Lisa McFarlane, although I joined this group a while ago, I have been busy leaving the corporate world after 15 years and relocating my family from British Columbia to a small town on the Southern Shore of Nova Scotia (much closer to our families in Newfoundland ). Now I am setting up a new VA business. I'm struggling with coming up with a name, and find it is delaying my getting going. After some brainstorming over the past few days, I came up with 'Balance Business Solutions'. I would love to hear feedback - both good and bad... My background is finance / commercial mortgages / real estate, so I plan to target commercial mortgage brokers, private lenders, and small real estate developers. In addition to some admin, I would offer financial modelling, analysis, market research, loan presentations, proposals, etc. I'm married with 3 children ages 7, 5, and 2. We moved to Nova Scotia to be closer to family, and for a slower pace of life and to spend more time together as a family. The challenge right now however is learning to carve out the time to work each day when the playroom is right outside the office and little ones are calling. I'm looking forward to connecting with others and sharing the journey! Lisa
  14. I am from Sarasota, FL and you can check my websites out at: www.viralwriters.com www.3daydietplan.org www.gardendecorationsvideo.com www.petsmartplus.com I welcome guest bloggers. Contact me at Tryan10@aol.com Or TCRryan@gmail.com
  15. Hi everyone! I'm new to the whole VA world, and am just in the finishing stages of my website. I'm in the Vancouver area, and I'm wondering if you have any tips, or suggestions to help me to be successful? How long have you been doing this? Do you find that you get mostly local customers? Or out of province/state/country? Is there a job board that I can access through this website? Or another resource that you know of that has a similar resource? Looking forward to hearing back from you! Thank you, Melissa mint administration
  16. Hi Everybody! I am considering joining the VA world and have many questions before I decide how to best approach the idea. I have listed some of my questions below and would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions. 1/ I envisage that the hardest part of this work is finding clients. As someone completely new to the industry I anticipate that it will take quite a while to build up a client-base and obtain regular income. What would be the best place to advertize my services to clients? 2/ A quick search of the web has identified the following professional organizations. With limited resources and no guarantee of making a reasonable income I would appreciate any comments on which of the organizations I should join and which I should avoid. Clayton's Secretary Canadian Virtual Assistant Network International Association of Virtual Office Assistants (IAVOA) International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) International Association of Virtual Assistants 3/ In terms of skills I think I have a varied but also highly specialized skill set. I don't know if I should focus on the specialized skills or try and offer a wide range of services. 4/ I have no problem with working for an established VA. Is there a list of VA's that sub-contract work so that I can send my resume to them? 5/ I am considering setting up a website to promote my services; are there any resources available for promoting a VA website? 6/ Realistically how much can I expect to earn per month as a VA? I realize that this will vary depending upon the skills offered but any ball-park estimate would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any responses Regards Alan
  17. Hi Everyone! My name is Megan. I've posted in this forum a few times before, but I'm still brand new to this whole VA thing. I've learned a lot, (especially from the VAVS conference). But there's still so much that I don't know, and ideally, I would love to learn some of it while working under someone else. You're probably wondering what I would like my niche to be. Well, my plan right now is to start with general administrative things, until I get my feet wet. Then, I'd like to expand into blogging, internet marketing, and virtual event planning, so that i might one day work with writers, artists. I was an English and Theatre major in school, so I love to write. I would be happy to work with anyone who will take me on for little to nothing, but I should make it clear that when I say I'm new, I'm really new. I don't even have a website or anything. I know some of you might be leary about taking a brand-newbie on, but I am happy to answer any questions, and address concerns. If you wish to discuss things privately, feel free to find me on skype (meganhillary). So, what do you guys think? Anybody want and intern....? I'm sure I can find a way to bring you coffee...
  18. I am working full time as an admin assistant with more than 20 yrs experience and ready to work from home. I am investigating the VA business and I know I have services, skills to offer businesses. I am trying to decide on a name for my .com site; any suggestions? I left work early and listened to the webinar Tawny gave on getting started. Took lots of notes, but still investigating. I live in Oklahoma. Thanks
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