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Found 48 results

  1. Hello my name is Selena "T" Wilson. I am new to the VA world and am looking to create a new "work-from-home/anywhere" business. Along with a strong education and training background, I would bring to the position more than twenty (20) years of professional experience, a good work ethic, developed skills and a commitment to excellence. I have a strong IT, Human Resource and Office Operations background. I am excited about this new venture and look to become certified whilst creating great relationships with clients and other VA's. I am looking for as much help as I can to get my business up and running.
  2. New to learning about starting a VA biz! Look forward to connecting with you all.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am re-introducing myself to the VA world here on VANetworking.com. I recently re-joined as a VAInsider. I've been in business since 2004 providing executive management and administrative services. I have been blessed with many years of success! As part of my business strategy this year, I am looking to connect, network and build on what I have already experienced to take my business to a new level.
  4. Hellow my name is eryn, I'm a mom of two boys and an artist. I have a part time job in a retail store however I don't know how much longer we will be open I am excited to join this lead to help me be with my boys more and still work.
  5. Hello, I just joined this amazing network, and I wanted to introduce myself. I am a visual and written content creator, specializing in multi-lingual and multi-national content creation, branding, design services, localization and translation services. I also offer consultation services for those interested to moving abroad. The reason for this specialty service is that I have gained in-depth expertise due to having lived in 4 different countries on 2 continents, and have familiarized myself in these countries mentality, culture, lifestyle and - especially - bureaucracy and requirements for obtaining work and stay permits. As a native from Belgium (which is also my current country of residence) I am also fluent in 3 languages (English, German and French) and have gained extensive experience in translation work during my corporate career years, and it is another service that I offer. Throughout my corporate career I have been a project manager in the automotive industry. A very tough and soul-sucking job, but planning and organizing has always been one of my passions. As the story goes, I've been offered a very good deal by my last company which I took, with the plan of setting up on my own, as had been a dream of mine for a couple of years now. After all, due to my old age (I'm in my 50's) and being rather expensive in the traditional job market, it would have been hard to find a new corporate job anyway, so I am very glad that this opportunity has come my way. Now all I have to do is to find clients for my VA business and start to make money - sounds easy, doesn't it. My website, that lists all the services I have to offer and also showcases my work in my portfolio is www.juliette-emonts.com Greetings, Juliette
  6. Taking time to drop in the forum to say hello. In the very, very, did I happen to say very, beginning stages of building my VA business. Looking forward to collaborating, gaining insight, guidance, possibly obtaining a mentor, and being surrounded by those alike. Ready to make everyday life easier and more beneficial to and for my family!
  7. Hello! My name is K.Marie, the K stands for Kesha. I don't have a website yet, but soon. I've officially been in business for 1 month on the 27th. But, I have been a secretary for my church, and personal assistant to my Pastor for the past 3 years. I have over 12 years experience in customer service, and started a VA business in 2012 with a partner, but it didn't last long. My current business is Virtually K.Marie, offering virtual administrative and organizational services. I am from Columbus, OH in the United States. I am married, have been for 10 years. I have 4 boys, current ages 19, 10, 9, and 2. I have a crazy love for office supplies! Pens, paper, highlighters, notebooks, and all things stationary are my jam! I've been this way since a child. I'm also starting a women's ministry for women who have mental health issues, who are overwhelmed, and looking for their purpose. I heard about VA Networking years ago when I was looking to start a VA business, but most recently from Regina, at Live and Work by Faith. Thank you!
  8. Hello! My name is Erin Boerema and I am an online entrepreneur, operating out of my home office, located in Jackson, MS and I am an aspiring, and self-motivated virtual business owner and founder of Optimal Virtual Assistance Solutions. I provide professional, precise, and personalized business support solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs with a multitude of various tasks and services. A few examples of the main services I offer are social media management, marketing support and strategy, graphic design and content curation, email marketing, handling, and newsletter campaigns. These are just a few of the services I offer, and the most routine services I provide to my clients. Aside from my online business, I enjoy many activities, although for me personally, the work I do is more like my passion and hobby and I truly enjoy the tasks I perform, as well as creating new posts and content. I also enjoy organizing and planning, specifically on paper, like by bullet journaling, or making checklists. I enjoy learning about new things, and learning new skills to grow and develop my business, as well as myself. Click Here to Visit The Optimal VA Solutions Website!
  9. Hi everyone! I am new here but not so new in the VA industry. I'm Lovely and I run a VA+graphic design business. I am so excited to be here. If you have any questions about design and all, I'd be happy to answer them the best way I can.
  10. Hey there! Welcome to VAnetworking.com --> The Social Network for Virtual Assistants. I am so excited that you have decided to join the friendliest social network on earth for Virtual Assistants. Let me give you a quick intro of who I am. I am Juli and I have not been in the Virtual Industry that long, (3 years) but by being your moderator, I can relate to some of your challenges that you might possibly face that I might have gone through. I was unemployed looking for way to pay off my student loan debt and how to make money at the same time. I saw an AD on my local TV explaining how to make money online, that educated me a bit on how to make money online but through one of those freelancing sites. I was still not satisfied with only working from that platform so I went on Google and found ways how I could make money online, and this is how I found the forum and joined. Fast forward a year later I have a business in place and I have launched my website. So I have gone through the path that you now are on. Enough about me and more about you! One way to get to know you better on the forum is through your first introduction to us. I will outline some tips on how to get you started on the forum. First you can do a quick introduction about yourself and this can be done by clicking here http://www.vanetwork...al-Busi-f4.html If you are like me and don’t like to talk much about yourself here is a breakdown to use as a guide to ease those introductions jitters: Your Name: Your Website URL (if applicable): Years in Business: Description of your Business, including any specialties: On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Are you married? How long?: Any kids and how old? Hobbies & Interests: How did you hear about us? We love to know how you heard about us so please let us know! i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to private message me or any of the other moderators here or contact us at our help desk Until then, can't wait to see your growth here and your accomplishments. Best wishes.
  11. Hi all! Just wanted to introduced myself and say 'thanks' to the founder for this great forum and work structure! So here it goes: My name is Monica Bretschneider Located in Joliette, Quebec, Canada Presently single (was married 15 years) No kids (just animals) … in my 50's Hobbies Horse (own an arabian) quad roller skating, meditation, movies, art, travel documentaries, walking my dog Found VAnetworking via virtual assistant group search I have been following the virtual assistant and affiliate markets for more than 2 years. Not in an active business but I do have a registered business
  12. Hello and thank you for having me! My name is Hannah I'm in my late-twenty's and I'm just starting out my VA business, I've been doing a TON of research and I stumbled across this awesome site! I've been working in an admin role for 3 years in the financial industry and I really enjoy my work. My husband and I want to have more kids in the near future and I'm really needing and wanting the flexibility of working from home and setting my own hours to make that happen. I've decided on bookkeeping, general admin, marketing & technical support services that I will be offering to future clients. I'm also a notary public in Washington state & have been doing mobile loan signing services for the mortgage industry, my question is should I include that within my website & listed in the services I offer even though I wouldn't be able to provide that as a "virtual" service? My thinking behind wanting to include that is because of the extensive background checks, being bonded, licensed and E&O insured would instill confidence in potential clients that I've got my stuff together and can be trusted with their financials. Also it would be great to showcase that service for potential local clients, but I'm wondering if it'll be too much going on and makes naming my business difficult. Any feedback is welcomed & appreciated Thank you, Hannah
  13. INTRODUCTION: Your Name: Jodie Michelle Hecker Your Website URL (if applicable): - www.beautybizcopywriter.com and www.beautybusinesscoachtraining.com Years in Business: 10+ However, not online, just offline. Trying to earn money online now. Description of your Business, including any specialties: email marketing, pinterest, copywriting, blog posts, skin care and makeup, social media posting On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Gaithersburg MD Hobbies & Interests: swimming, being outdoors, travel, writing, reading, constant learning, finance, hanging out with my grandmother and niece and nephews. How did you hear about us? i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. email from Nicole on the net. MY SHORT STORY- I started my beauty career in International television, after taking an online camera media makeup class. I simultaneously worked as a regional artist with some of the top international companies: such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Lancome; just to name a few. I went on to get my Esthetican license. At the same time while doing working as a Beauty professional I became very interested in Online marketing and devoured everything that I could get my hands on. You might say that I'm obsessed with learning how the online marketing world works. Till this day I am always learning something new that I can use to earn money online, in addition to making people beautiful offline. My other love is real estate and writing, and look forward to combing the two interest's. In addition to my work, I also volunteer for the American Cancer Society's "Look Good, Feel Better" program. I teach women and teens going thru chemotherapy makeup and skin care tips. This is my most favorite job that I have. I have a family that I love, and love spending time with them. Especially my 103 year old Grandmother. I just love her. I love swimming and gymnastics, and can be found glued to the TV during the Olympics. I look forward to starting and quickly growing my business so that I can make money and have more freedom. Cant wait to meet you Jodie Michelle
  14. Hello to all of you there. My name is Arien i am a cuban guy, i am 37 and i am totally new here so, it's my pleasure i hope to get to know you well and that you know me and i hope to can work with you if you let me and if you teaching me cause as i said i am totally new. Right now i work for my own i have a small business nothing special and not much money but i live how i can here. I am also a lawyer graduated here back on 2006 i worked as a civil matters judge in the court here in my city for 6 years till 2012 when i quit it for personal reasons and mostly cause i was suffering of stress so, not anymore. About my personal info well i told you i live here in Cuba, in Camagüey city or state or province. I am not married now, i was twice before but not legaly, last time i raised 2 great kids for 12 years, and i am waiting that destiny or God or life, gives me the right girl to be with for the rest of my life. About my hobbies and interests well, i love to listen to music i rather the anglo-saxon one, well to be honest with you i am a fan of this music i just can't live without it, i love cars i am a fan to its too, and i like kids and animals, the nature, family, friends and love, i really believe in all these things. I heard about you on Pinterest site so i started to read all i have can right today till i got here now. I am interested to work if i can with you and of course that i need some money so, that's it, greetings from here and thanks in advancement. Arien
  15. Hi everyone! I´m Delia. I am Spanish and I live in Spain, Alicante. I run a small business center and I have some clients who have hired me to bring their activity, as a vitual assistant, that's why I have long since found VA. It fascinates me to see the great community that you are and how widespread this type of work is in your country. Thank you so much for accepting me here and I´m looking forward to learning from all of you and give you my help if I can be of any use to you. Best regards.
  16. Hi Everyone, I wanted to very briefly introduce myself and my services. I am from London (UK) and recently moved to the sunny island of Barbados where I will be working in a virtual/remote capacity. I have in excess of 15 years' experience in administration, event management and logistics, acquired in London, Europe and the Caribbean. I have worked as an Administrator, Personal Assistant, Project Support, Event Manager, Marketing Coordinator and Logistics Manager, in a number of sectors, to include; Investment Banking (10 years), Agency, Retail and Real Estate. I am offering services as a VA and also Virtual Property Management for vacation rental homes. I am new to the VA scene, but have been working as a Virtual Property Manager for 10+ years, as a sideline. On the property management side, I have a few clients, but of course welcome more . On the VA side, I am starting from ground zero. It seems like quite a long and tough process to get going in the VA world, and I am particularly finding that there is a strong bias for people who are based in the USA and that anyone considering a VA outside of the US is looking for cheap labor in Asia. So, I have taken everyone's advice and started reaching out to previous business contacts to spread the word about my services. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I wish all the VAs in this group every success. Keisha KW Empire Limited www.kw-empire.weebly.com
  17. Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the VA community/business...still working on stepping away from my full-time job as I prepare for retirement and full-time travelling/housesitting. I'm not sure what I want to offer as VA services; I'm a freelance proofreader/editor, and I've got 20 years of experience in online/telephone customer support, along with being a pharmacist and (long ago) a chemical engineer. My plan is to retire from my current position and move to Mexico or Ecuador, where the weather is better than it is here (Eastern Canada...pretty chilly in the winter...NOW!) and it's less expensive to live. From there, I'll do international house/pet sitting till I don't enjoy it anymore. So I need a location-independent source of income and I thought being a VA would be ideal. Hoping to chat with a few of you - get ideas about how to proceed, etc. I just saw this template, so I guess I'll fill it out: Your Name: Jacquie Your Website URL (if applicable): jacquiedoucette.com Years in Business: <1 Description of your Business, including any specialties: I guess my specialties will be customer service, bookkeeping, editing/proofreading. I'm pretty much an A-type person, so give me a job and I'll get it done. What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: near Ottawa, ON, Canada Are you married? How long?: married for 23.5 yrs Any kids and how old? two daughters - 22 and 20 yrs old Hobbies & Interests: I LIVE for volleyball!! Also enjoy walking my dog, reading (novels, not non-fiction) and I love to travel, though I haven't really done a lot, compared to some people.
  18. Hello Everyone! I am a Virtual Assistant based in South Africa. My journey into this awesome "Virtual World" happen with the birth of my son and the company I was working for at the time didn't want to get a temp so I set myself up at home to do everything I did in the office and that is when the light bulb moment happened Set up an office at home resigned and have never looked back, nothing better than being your own boss, determining your income and getting to be there for your kids everyday. Excited about being a part of this community and look forward to getting to know fellow VA's.
  19. Hello VA Community, I'm so glad to be part of the VAnetworking community and looking forward to developing, sharing the knowledge, building camaraderie and engaging with other like-minded virtual assistants who share my enthusiasm. I recently resigned from a full time position to pursue becoming a VA to allow me a work-life balance. I'm currently working on the launch of my website, marketing strategy and a 101 other things. As I am sure all of you are! We Can Do It! In a way of introduction, I put together a mini bio and short video clip. Angela Atanasio-Medeiros, Founder of The VA Extraordinaire LLC, resides with her husband in the heart of Reston Town Center, VA where hosting hundreds of events take place every year – from films and festivals to fun runs and concerts. Personally, heavily involved in community services (5k’s fundraiser for Breast Cancer Survivorship, Breast Cancer Awareness, March of Dimes Prematurity of research for babies, Best Buddies Friendship walks for IDD Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). I am a one-person business entrepreneur. A ’thoughtful partner’ and someone who you can trust and rely on to help grow your business or care for your personal administrative tasks. A dedicated, proven business-class, results-oriented professional with broad office management, administrative support, supervision and performance optimization experience. My more than twenty-five years of experience, with over 14 years garnered with Fortune 500 companies, has honed my ability to build effective working relationships at all corporate levels and with clients across a variety of industries. In addition, I possess strong communication and networking abilities, detailed organizational talents and a solid understanding of communication and collaboration tools. I have excellent judgement, practice strict confidentiality and believe in being proactive to prevent problems instead of 'fighting fires.' Highlights · Served roles that required an elevated level of organization and attention to detail; also fulfilled duties involving confidential information with integrity and discretion · Earned recognition for administrating and enforcing governance of policies · Took on roles simultaneously to comprehensively manage all technical aspects of eLearning operations · Crafted a new project file coding system with an architectural firm, thus allowing for swift, efficient retrieval from an assortment of more than 1K projects from a previously-disorganized system · Delivered full administrative support to the Director of Pupil Services, Principal and Assistant Vice Principal on a year-round basis · Prior to my current career path, worked in retail for 13 years, progressing from Cashier to Manager; engaged in staffing, training, inventory control, customer service, advertising and finance As a VA, you will find me to be a driven team player committed to supporting in achieving objectives through superior performance. In way of introduction_ as a new member to VAnetworking (1).mp4 VAinsidersQA.doc
  20. Hi, I just wanted to say hello to you all. My name is Louisa and I officially launched Workflow Virtual Assistant in June of this year. My website address is www.workflowva.com and I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have over 15 years admin and PA experience and becoming a VA seemed like a natural progression to achieving a work life balance, especially as I had my son last September. I originally thought of becoming a VA back in 2007 when I was made redundant from a role but the timing wasn't right. In terms of the other questions... What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I grew up in Lancashire but now live in Northampton, England. Are you married? How long?: Yes I am married, we got married on Christmas Eve Eve in 2014. Any kids and how old? My son will be 10 months old on Sunday. Hobbies & Interests: These days it's about spending time with family and friends. How did you hear about us? I remember coming across this site quite some time ago, most likely from Google! I look forward to getting involved in different discussions with you all and getting to know more about you.
  21. Hi Everyone!!! My name is Michele and i just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a mom of 3. My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum. And as she got older, not to mention her father and myself divorced after 14 years of marriage that should've ended at least 10 years ago Lol. Her needs began to require more and more of my time to the point I finally had to leave the workforce. My background was in marketing and sales coordinator which required internet research on things like the company, their niche, the best way to reach their audience/customers and most of all..walking then into the social media age. And I was good at it! I don't have any issue in saying that. So after a couple of years of the "What am I going to do and how can I do it from home" phase I discovered Virtual Assistants and Social Media Management. In those years I did try many different things. The 1 thing I still do and am proud of is my website. www.boholifestylefashions.com A short description is basically a surge that offers Alternative services for Weddings, Ceremonies and Anything out of the norm. And my website "the Bohemian Closet" where you can find and purchase jewelry handmade by me and a guide to the Bohemian Lifestyle and all that it entails. This is something I love and am very passionate about. But it wasn't and still isn't enough to supplement the income list when I had to retire. So we live on social security benefits. Then I discovered I could use my website, which averages 200 views per week to become a Virtual Assistant and still be able to continue thevoriginal purpose of my website when I launched 2 years ago! I currently advertise 6 different companies on there but the traffic and the sales are not matching up. If even half the visits I recieve weekly resulted in either sales of my items or for the companies i advertise for i would be doing pretty darn good. But that's not the case. Then I found you...vanetworking.com!!! Even tho I just joined over already gotten so many tools to help turn my traffic into sales! I'm very excited for the future for the first time in a long time a d I want to say thank you! And thank you to the people I've encountered on here so far. Everyone is so generous with help and advice. That's rare! Well that's me and my story. Thank you for reading.
  22. Hello everyone, My name is Tracy Collins and I am the owner of Collins Bookkeeping. I have been a member here in the past but then due to some personal issues I had to let my time and membership lapse but I am back. I started my virtual assistant business several years ago and then my husband, two children and myself packed up and moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and we couldn't be happier. During this time I basically shut my business down in Pennsylvania and I took a hiatus to get settled and rethink my intentions for starting my own business again and realized my intentions were pure because I have a passion and legitimately wanted to help small business owners so here I am back at it again and looking forward to it. Tracy Collins
  23. Hi there, My name is Angela Tyler, I'm a young mom from Fremont, MI. I currently work full time as a life insurance agent for one of the top national insurance companies, and before that I was a hair stylist. I have a great job, but as a young mom I find that being at the office 40 hours a week is taking much precious time away from my family. While browsing online one day I saw a post about becoming a VA and, after reading about the type of work you could do, I was very intrigued. It's become my mission to find my niche and start my own VA business right out of my home. My current website is called Pure Grace http://puregracejewelry.wixsite.com/puregracejewelry. Originally it was meant to be another platform for my small handmade jewelry business, but I decided to expand it into my own blog. Of course, when you're working 40 hours a week it's difficult to find the time to manage a blog. That is why I am hopeful that once I start my VA work and am able to quit my full time job I will be able to maintain my own blog. I plan on creating a WordPress website and learn more about that, as I understand most bloggers primarily use that. As far as years of experience, I am brand new to the VA field. However, I have been working in customer service for almost ten years. I was a hair stylist for eight years so I am great at listening to what people want and turning abstract ideas into something beautiful. For the last year I've worked in an office as a life insurance agent, so I have administrative and secretarial skills as well. Being my own small business owner I am also very comfortable with social media and marketing in that manner. My goal is to VA for a Christian Blog - it's a topic I enjoy writing about, and I am very passionate about that field of ministry. I would love to help with social media management, editing blog posts and even doing some guest posting. On a more personal note, I am from a small town called Fremont, Michigan. We're a farming community with about 4,000 people. This little town is one where everyone knows everyone, we still hold the doors for each other, and there's corn fields lining the roads and a church on every corner. It's home. My husband and I just celebrated our three year wedding anniversary on August 24th. We have two beautiful children, my son will be two in September and my daughter is five - she just got on the school bus for her very first day at kindergarten! This exactly is the reason why I want this venture to be a success. I want to be here when my daughter gets on the bus, and when she gets off. I want to be here when my son is potty training. I want to be home for dinner, and have the availability to meet with bible studies. My home is my mission field, and I don't want to spend any more time away! My hobbies and interests...I love writing. I have been writing since I was a young girl, and have never stopped. Currently I am working on my first novel, which is a fantasy genre novel. I also love riding horses,although I don't have much time to get in the saddle lately (which will hopefully change soon!) Jewelry design has also become a hobby of mine. It started off with beading necklaces and bracelets, but it turned into designing rosaries and prayer beads. Since transitioning into Christian based jewelry my little business has doubled it's sales from the previous year, so I know I am on the right track. I love my little handmade ministry! I heard about VA Networking from Google. Over the past couple weeks I have been reading article after article, learning everything I can before diving in. I searched for "virtual assistant" and VA Networking was one of the first things that popped up. So far I love reading everyone's thoughts in the forums, and I can tell this website will be an asset to my growth as a VA. I'm very excited for what the future holds, and I cannot wait to dive in! Be blessed, Angela
  24. Hey Everyone, My name is Candice Valentine and I am new to the VA industry. I came across this gold mine last year when I was quitting my high stressed customer service call center job to stay at home. I wanted to be home with my children (I have 3 kids and I am pregnant now) but still be included in the workforce. So with some time and research I discovered that I could take my years of administrative skills and customer service skills and apply them to be a Virtual Assistant. My business is called OHM Virtual Assistance, we bring peace of mind to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent consultants. I'm still trying to find my niche so I am open to maybe changing in the future. I currently live in Columbus, Georgia (my hometown) but I probably won't be here for long, I love to travel. I love practicing yoga and I love to learn. I am very excited to be apart of this forum. I hope to find a mentor, some friends, and a wealth of helpful information. Thank you in advance to everyone.
  25. Hello guys! My name is Paula and I am taking a leap of faith to start my own VA business (eeeek!). I recently went through my second lay-off and decided that it is time for me to take the skills that I have learned and invest in my own business! My father was a successful entrepreneur and he inspired me so much. I lost him about six months ago and I want to make him & my family proud. I have not come up with a name for my business yet (I am trying to decide between a couple I have come up with) but a blessing has knocked on my door.....my first client! It is a referral and the answer to my prayers. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I look forward to learning from you all, chatting with you, and helping out in the various discussion threads. Tawyna, thank you for taking the time to speak with me a couple of weeks ago and for providing this awesome network filled with such valuable resources! I have learned so much and I am truly grateful. See you all in the threads! Xoxo Paula
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