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Found 10 results

  1. Hello VA Community, A little background before leading to my question. On Monday I received a LinkedIn connection request from a Founder & Editor of The Startup Growth. He conveyed he bumped into me on accident and noted I had an impressive profile. Also, always looking to connect and network with other smart, influential leaders and was looking forward to learning more about what I do. So, naturally, I accepted the connection and indicated I was looking forward to sharing the knowledge, building camaraderie and engaging with him and others who share my enthusiasm. He responded back on Friday with the following: I wanted to know if you are interested in being interviewed about your experience as an entrepreneur? The blog is located here: https://medium.com/the-startup-growth The blog will give you a chance to tell your story and gain exposure through my social networks. We have a series called, Pop Quiz, Monday. The Pop Quiz, Monday is a fun feature that we have on our blog that provides entrepreneurial advice by answering seven questions. You will be able to plug your website and social media networks. We have over 12,000 views per month on our blog. Let me know if you are interested. I reviewed the questions, and part of me would like to proceed, it would be great exposure but then due to launching my career this year back in February PT working on two contracts and recently going FT, should I hold off until I have more time under me sort-of-speak? Looking forward to your feedback, Angela
  2. Hi all, I'm still in development of my WordPress website (well, my web designer is helping with some items). I'm doing an interactive blog that will be a page on my website. It will be about tradeshows, not the VA side of things. I am looking for contact emails. Will that mean that I do NOT want a RSS feed? I was a bit confused on how the RSS feed works. Also, I'm looking to have a job board on this blog page for wholesalers at trade shows. I saw a plugin for WordPress for job boards. Can anyone tell me how that works and how it works with the blog? It's rather expensive at 100-200 annually. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hey all! I finally finished my website and am trying to get back to being active in forums and my LinkedIn groups. Now that I'm done with my website (which you can find here), I'm considering starting a blog. I definitely know it's good for establishing a presence and gaining traction in this industry. Problem is I have no idea where to start. Do people still do a typical "Hey look, this is who I am" type of first post? I drafted an idea with four reasons why I decided to become a VA. Any input/ideas you guys can give would be super. That goes for the website too. Much thanks in advance Aiyana
  4. Hello, everybody! Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. Just thought I'd quickly introduce myself and give a bit of background. I'm a young, recent college graduate from Florida State University where I received my degree in Hospitality Management. I've worked from the lowest line-level employee at a staff restaurant to management in a 4-star hotel but have decided that the work-life balance of physically working in Hospitality is not healthy for me. So instead of working as an employee of a resort or the like I've decided to offer them services virtually. I'm focusing on small-business hospitality, specifically social media and marketing, but will do whatever tasks required. I also have experience in travel blogging and am offering the same services to travel bloggers as well. If you all have any suggestions or ideas, or know anyone looking for the services I'm providing, anything is appreciated! Feel free to add me on linkedin, I'd love to get to know you all better! https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-hamm-9574a044 You all have a fantastic day. Hope to talk to some of you soon. Jack Hamm
  5. Hey everyone! I hope you're doing great! So I've taken a lot of advice on how to find clients (I'm completely new with no existing clients) and one I find intriguing is joining facebook and linkedin groups of your target market so you can easily directly talk to them. So I've done that (one of my main targets is travel bloggers) but I'm not quite sure how to say to them that I'm offering my services without being spammy and risk getting kicked out of the group. Most of the groups are just about bloggers helping each other out with post likes and sharing articles. Are there any techniques you all have used that tend to work well? Thanks in advance! Jack Hamm
  6. Hi all! I've been kicking myself in the butt for the past few months trying to decide if I wanted to start a blog or not. I've written a few posts and have them scheduled to start posting in June but I'm getting cold feet. I'm not 100% sure that I'll be fully committed to keeping a decent flow of posts going. So I'm wondering, has anyone made posts via LinkedIn? To what extent could I turn that into a makeshift blog, for lack of a better term? In my mind, LinkedIn is 95% professional and 4.9% personal (0.01% other). So for a post about why I got started in the VA world (which includes my freedom from obligatory pants-wearing), I can't really envision sharing that on LinkedIn. Any input on that? Or confusion? I tend to ramble. ~Aiyana
  7. Hi there- Dal here, I am planning on launching my new VA business officialy very soon. New name, new website, new skills. My question is whether to add a blog to my website. Is this something important and helpful in starting a new VA business. I like the idea of setting one up where I can post, but what is everyone's suggestions?
  8. Hey all. I started blogging a long time ago, and quickly learned that a should have had some content ready before I started blogging. I\'d like to revitalize my old blog as well as start a new one, so I set the new one to private, thinking I can write a few things, make it pretty, and THEN officially launch it. I also set my old one to private, but I'm seeing now that it looks like I can\'t change them back to completely public. I hope this is not the case, but am I right? Can you make a private blog public? Thanks everyone, Megan
  9. Fellow VA's, I would love some new Likes on my Face Book page and my Blog. You can Like both through Face Book at www.facebook.com/BRAVOServices. You can also check out my website at www.bravoremote.com. Thanks so much for helping me in starting a new marketing campaign. Cathi Dailey
  10. Guest

    I've started a blog!

    Hi everyone, I've started a blog! I have been trying to start one for years now. Recently, I decided to "just do it!" It is still in it's beginning stages but I will be updating it regularly. It was really hard to decide on just one topic to cover so, I didn't. I picked three- mom, blogger, entrepreneur. I hope you check it out! I appreciate feedback and comments so feel free to share. www.deannamcadams.com Thanks! ~Deanna
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