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Found 8 results

  1. Recently I was offered a position of payroll and other clerical duties from home. However the guy said he would only pay me monthly and I had to go buy envelopes, check paper, and regular white (plain paper). I told him I would need a deposit to start and even consider the position. He said he didn't like paying upfront that was to so this to start the position. After a week he got back to me and asked if I considered the proposition. I told him I would if he met my 3 request, the Address of where this was taking place, he paid me weekly, and if I got his location. He has yet to respond. My question is, how do I stop scams or can I and how many so you all encounter? Jason Wa. State
  2. No task to big or small angel hands assistant services can help with : Admin duties social media marketing and advertising website design Bookkeeping Tax Preparation & more
  3. Please visit my site and let me know what you think. :) https://revienriquez.wixsite.com/freelanceservices
  4. Hello Everyone! How are you ? My name is Alonda Sims and I'm from Arkansas. I'm 30 years old and excited about starting a NEW career in Virtual Assisting. I started my company about 2 years ago. I've always had the skills for it but never thought about actually making it into a business until now. With starting this business it is with high expectations that I look forward to having one of the top virtual assisting companies in the WORLD! BIG words for someone as young as me right? Well, I believe in my self and I know that I can do it and especially if I have the right team surrounding me. I believe this industry is meant to help pushing the next person into the next phase of their Destiny and for some pushing them into the beginning phase of Destiny. However, I find that in this early part of my career, what you put in is what you get out. Early mornings and late nights is for those who are hungry for that next level. For me, although I do need the money for bills but that's not why I chose to work as a virtual assistant. I chose this career because I love helping and pushing others towards their greatest potential. I believe that we will share the same hunger however it's up to us on rather we choose to feed each other the knowledge and skills that was given to us.
  5. Hello! My name is Hannah and I've been working on getting a virtual assistant business together so I can work from home. I am needing to work from home due to my health. My ongoing illness has caused me to miss a lot of work and I had to leave my job in December. I finished schooling in March 2013 and got my diploma for Medical Assisting (MA). After being an MA/Receptionist at private practice for 18 months I have hired a urology office and then I was in hospice. I have about 6 years of experience in the medical field. Would it be possible for me to add in my medical field knowledge as a ”special” skill? If so, how much should that be? I was a surgery scheduler for two oncologists and I know they would've really benefited from having a virtual assistant. I am extremely passionate about helping others and have known all my life that I wanted a job where I helped those in need. I have many skills ranging from scheduling to order supplies. I'm also learning to code because I noticed that is requested sometimes. Thanks so much for your help! -Hannah D. P. S. I have no clue what my business name should be! Do you have any ideas that go with my first name, Hannah?
  6. Hello everyone, I will like to introduce myself, I'm from Venezuela, currently living in Colombia, been working homebased for almost 3 years now with its ups and downs, this last week I found out this great group wich has motivated me to keep going with my dreams and goals, and I hope to get to know all of you and share to you my experience and also that you can share me your feedbacks as well. Hugs to all Bárbara R.
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I'm from sunny Queensland in Australia. I'm a brand new VA (my website is still under construction) and I'm very excited about my new business venture. I'm a qualified nurse but working for a boss has never suited me so I decided to set something up for myself. I'm specialising in email/blog/social media management, general/medical transcription, online customer support, general admin and WordPress/landing page setup. I'm looking forward to corresponding with other VA's on this forum.
  8. I am new here and overwhelmed! Been working as independent VA for more than 4 years, connected to different company's worldwide and become customer service for most of my work. Just some information here's what I can do. · Can Work full-time and Holidays. · Can work with less supervision. · Can deal with different types of people at a different level accordingly. · Can handle customer complaints and special request in relation to customer service. · Can supervise several people effectively. · Well experienced in the field of Customer Service and Sales. · Well Experienced in Business Development. · Well Experienced in several Programming tools. · Well experienced in dealing customer’s needs. · Well experienced in Sales and Marketing. · Well trained in leadership and group management. · Work Oriented in several fields. · Certified computer literate (Microsoft Application and Internet) · Experienced with wordpress and basic HTML editing. · Experienced RingCentral CRM, Clarify and Telegence Database for AT&T mobility. · With versatile attitude towards work. Now working part time as Remote Agent for AT&T Receivables Management for Mobility (COLLECTIONS DEPT.) Hope to get more work loads here! DrewCasulla
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