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SKYPE & Answering questions

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Good morning all!


Yes it is Saturday and I am in the office :( but that is okay because I am only here to draft a Retainer Agreement for a new client :) YIPPEE!!


Ok, here are my questions.......I am a virtual newbie (about 3 months) but feel like I am catching on really quickly (thanks to all you other wonderful VA's out there) I have my 1-800 number through Ring Central and love the service so far. For clients who need me to answer their phones on a temporary basis (i.e. while they are out or on vacation) I have gotten them to forward their business lines to my 800 number. This works great because I can see where the call originated from (client's business) and know immediately how to answer the phone. So far so good..........


Well, I have a potential client that wants to use my services for answering ALL the calls to his business and even use a direct number to me on his email and website. I am wondering if SKYPE is the answer to this.......I have read quite a few posts on SKYPE through the search function and it looks like it might work well for this. I am just not familiar with the ins/outs of this program and how it works. What will I need for this other than a microphone (headset)?

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Guest Bev

Hi Sandi,

I also use an 800 number with Ring Central. You could have your new client use a phone number from his/her office (and print on business cards) that you would recognize just as you are doing with the first client and you would know how to answer based on the forwarding number shown. You also could use your Ring Central extensions and have a message that greets callers to instruct them to hit "1" if they are calling Logan Virtual Assist or hit "2" to reach "XYZ Company" - - then you would either answer each appropriately or have different appropriate messages at each extension.


I've tried Skype just to chat with my grandkids so that we can see each other on the web cam :-) I don't like the sound quality (but maybe that's just my computer?)


I'll be interested to see other suggetions that you get -


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I have to agree with Bev. I use SkypeOut for calling my clients via landlines (I got a great deal from Skype). However, a couple of people have said that the sound quality isn't as good as a regular wired phone or Vonage. That said, people have told me that my voice quality over SkypeOut is similar to that of a cell phone, so I've continued to use it.

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