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Oprah Meets VANA Virtually Marketing Campaign

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I am a member of her club too and I am hoping so! I have a plane to submit a proposal to Oprah middle of September, once we have too our ducks in a row.


Once again, this VANA Oprah campaign has not been publicly aired yet. I only mentioned it to VANA members as an opportunity so they (and their clients) could answer the questions and be on the webpage before it is presented to Oprah. So if you haven't answered the questions yet, please do

DONE!! Thanks again, Tawnya.




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Tawnya, just read your post in regard to Opra, and I think you just hit it right on the nail!! Good Show!


I would not be surprised if you received an answer from her sonner than you think! Talk about putting Vana on the map. This may take off even bigger than you think!


All the best of luck,



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This is fantastic! I was thinking a few weeks ago about how our unique industry should be a story on Oprah as it is a great subject for her target market. But I had no idea what it takes to really get the attention of the Oprah show.


Way to aim high! You're totally going to do this. I'm carefully crafting my questionnaire response to help you out right now.

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When it comes to being innovative - you ROCK Tawnya!! You are so amazing!

This is SOOO cool!


I just know something wonderful will happen with this.


On an episode of Oprah there was a teacher that had a chair in her classroom reserved for Oprah and no one was allowed to sit in it. She loved Oprah, like we all do, and had hopes of meeting her someday. I think a few students at this teacher's school contacted the Oprah show and told her about the chair and this teacher's dream of meeting Oprah. Oprah had this chair flown to the studio and Oprah sat in the chair.


Maybe we should create a Virtual chair reserved just for Oprah in our virtual boardroom! ;)



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