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Part-Time VA Work

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Hello all:


I'm really happy that I stumbled upon this forum while looking through VA articles and such. I guess I can start with a background story. My friend and I were doing odd miscelleanous admin tasks for a handful of individuals around our area and thought it'd be pretty neat to have our own business cards, website, flyers, brochures, etc. Hence, we were 18 at the time and have of course oh-so-marvelous skills! Recently, I found out she updated the website with just my information because she got tired of the phone calls and forward the phone line to me.


I am now 24 and still complete random admin tasks for a few individuals, but kind of nervous getting into the whole VA business. One client actually found the website we worked on back then and asked if I could complete a project for him - which of course I did! After that project was completed, I got my hopes up and thinking of marketing myself out there again with the Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association, etc. My question is:


Is it possible to still be in the VA business, but complete it as a part-time job?

Should I take the website my friend and I created a few years ago down from the internet?

Am I too young to be in the VA business with only a minimal amount of experience in certain fields?


Hopeful VA,




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  • When you own your own business you work as little or as much as you want!
  • Depends...is it an ugly website that may hinder your ability to get clients? It's good you have something, maybe just update it. Since I don't know what it looks like I can't really say for sure...but if it's a site that's been around for a while and you will be keeping the business name...you may as well keep it. It's really a personal decision.
  • If you're good at what you do, it does not matter how long you've been doing it. Just don't try and do thinks you're not good at and you should be just fine!
Of course, those are just my opinions...your mileage may vary...



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Guest Chai

Age has little to do with this, professionalism is more important. My webmaster is 26, he amazing and has accomplished quite a bit in his short professional career. There is a business site that does the top 20 under 30 and one of this year's features is a 15 year old who is running a multi-million dollar business out of the basement of the family home that SHE bought.


As for the time you dedicate to your business, that is your business. Some of us do this full time, some of us do this double and triple full time and some of us only work a few hours a week. Ultimately the decision is yours.




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As usual, Carrie and Jen have some excellent encouragement.


Where is the website? If it is on a 'free' site, you might want to move to something that doesn't have the pop-ups, etc. But it sounds as if your approach at the beginning still works to a certain extent. A website will be ongoing development as your skills and interests change, so if you have something that works now and you like it, just carry on. I still have an old personal Angelfire 'site' floating around. There is a recipe on it that I can never find in the house and have had to go dig it up online several times.


Like Carrie said, some of us are addicted and we can't seem to stop working or at least thinking about what we are doing. There is always money to think of. NOW money from a job will help support your VA business through the growing times. If you have the energy and the want to to work hours when you are away from the Day job or weekends for awhile, then the choice is yours. There isn't a wrong way.


Age is relative too. When your online, no one knows if we are a hot babe or an old bag woman, even if we tell them! They can't be SURE. And as long as their projects get done right,they don't REALLY care! :naughty:



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