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Women's Teleconference Planned for Hire-A-Businesswoman Week

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Hire-A-Businesswoman Week
September 17 – 21, 2007
Created for Business & Professional Women
Who Aspire to Reach the $1 Million Mark

Fact: Women control more than 80% of all consumer purchases and represent more than half of corporate buyers, yet only 3% of women-owned companies bring in $1 million annually

Jonesboro, GA, September 10 -- The International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce is proclaiming September 17 – 21, 2007 as Hire-A-Businesswoman Week. It will coincide with Shameless Promotion Month, International Strategic Thinking Month, and International Women's Ecommerce Days (18 - 21) to offer business and professional women an innovative week of online networking, coaching, resource sharing, and mentoring to assist in the remodeling of women-owned companies from the inside-out; creating a fast-track to the $1 million+ mark.

Fact: According to the Women’s Center for Business Research, women-owned companies generate $1.9 trillion in sales yet only 3% of women-owned companies -- that's 242,000 out of a total of 10.6 million women-owned firms -- earn $1 million or more annually. Roughly three times as many male-owned companies -- 818,000 of them -- bring in $1 million or more annually

Hire-A-Businesswoman Week will bring together female experts from the coaching, virtual assistance, real estate, business development, sales, and marketing industries to help business and professional women put together a personalized action plan to accelerate sales and revenue to new records.

Hire-A-Businesswoman Week will offer over 30 seminars delivered in a teleconference setting offering daily online networking events for women seeking strategies to grow and expand their companies into multi-million dollar ventures. Business models, business plan makeovers, franchising strategies, SBA lending, home-based business/small business conversion, “blogging” and video-casting, re-branding, virtual outsourcing, and much more will be subjects offered by professional business women with experience and a proven track-record. The seminars will be recorded for later review, replay, and additional learning opportunities.

Women interested in learning more about Hire-A-Businesswoman Week can visit the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce online at http://www.ivwcc.org or call (678) 379-4281 for more information.


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