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Tawnya Sutherland

Virtual Professionals Donate Administrative Assistant Services to help

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Hello Everyone,


I hope this message finds you and your family well.


I have an idea and wanted to share it with all of you, in hopes that you will climb aboard and be a part of paying it forward to the people; other business owners, and firefighters of the California Fires.


We have seen all of us over the last week express our sincerest thoughts on how we can help, offering to help and sharing that we would provide no charge services. The fact that we all have those thoughts in our hearts is what made me think, that we, the virtual profession industry truly can make a difference in the lives of the people that have been affected if we move these thoughts into action.


We can have a time giving marathon. The donation is that of our time in hours, which would help the people, other business owners and even the firemen that have had their lives put on hold to help others. We truly can pay it forward in the wake of this national disaster.


We would like to lead the effort in getting all of us who would like to participate into committing a number of hours, that you can afford to commit, it can be 15 minutes to 10 hours (or more, whatever you can commit to and follow through with giving) and pledging those hours free through the end of the year; in donation to the people. The people affected may need faxes, emails, phone calls made and received, photocopies, documents typed, spreadsheets created, back ups, folders created, paperwork shipped, accounts set up, photos and sentimental items packed or secured, or other people contacted on their behalf; technological services; bookkeeping, editing of documents, or on-line conference rooms. The list goes on and on.


A lot of people are going to have to deal with the insurance companies and they may not have kept records, so we know what obstacle that is going to create for them. The administration relief we can bring to the people will make a difference in their lives; relieve them of some stress and allow them to get back on life’s journey.


The fireman may need help as well, their lives have been put on hold while they fight the fires and help others’. They may need administrative assistance until the situation is over.


We are sure there are many others tasks and administrative duties that we can perform that have been missed in the listing.


Any virtual professional who would like to donate hours can email marathon@thecustomerscorner.com with your number of hours and what skill sets we can donate. Please put marathon in the subject line.


We then need to figure out how to communicate this to the world. Ideas so far are our list servs, family, friends, colleagues, current clients and past clients, anyway we can.


We can pull in favors from those we know to help us get the word out. A press release but we are not sure that would get the word to the people that need it. If everyone else thinks it will, I have a $200.00 credit over at PRWeb; good through November 1, that we can use. (Thanks to our very own Shannon Cherry).


We can post on our social networking forums. Any idea/opinion to communicate quickly would be great.


We are open to ideas on the best way to administer the marathon, getting the word out and setting up the process for the people that need the assistance.


My belief is that we are stronger together than we are alone in any journey we take. Having all of us in the industry behind this effort would make this meaningful and powerful to the people. So please share your leadership, thoughts on the idea and how we can move our heart felt thoughts to action in the most efficient and quickest way to help those in need.


The Pay it Forward marathon runs from now until Sunday, October 28, 2007 at 12:01 AM PST. (of course we will take donations anytime between now and years end). With a goal of reaching 400 hours donated. That would be 40 hours a week for the next 10 weeks – through years end; taking us to the New Year and a new beginning for the people we are helping.


If you would like to move your heartfelt thoughts into action, offer your leadership skills in helping to administer The Virtual Profession Industry Paying it Forward Marathon (including any suggestions for the best name for our project); or would like to share your ideas, thoughts, opinions or want to donate, please send an email to marathon@thecustomerscorner.com.


Include your name, company name, URL, email, phone number and skills sets you are willing to offer. No skill set or number of hours being donated is too small. All we ask is that if you donate the hours that you are committed to following through.


We will need a lot of help in getting the word out to the people that need the services we are donating.


If you have any ideas, thoughts and opinions, on how to best get the communication out. Or if you have personal contacts at the local newsrooms; radio shows, emails or phone numbers to the California papers please send this information to marathon@thecustomerscorner.com. If we could get our notice on The Red Cross website, that is where people are going to go to look for assistance and probably the most direct way to communicate with people. If you have any Red Cross contacts, please share.


If you are willing to donate time to get the word out using the above venues or any others we can think of, that would be wonderful too. Please forward and share this effort with anyone you believe would like to be a part of the Virtual Profession Pay it Forward Marathon.


For any of you that have your own forum or list serv please feel free to share this message with your members; we would appreciate the support. Or please send an email providing me permission to post it.


Have a great day; I look forward to connecting with you further and building on our relationship.




Roberta E. Eastman

Keep-in-Touch & Follow-up Strategist


The Customers Corner

Once a Customer, Always a Relationship


805-930-9833 (o)

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