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New press release - Feedback please

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I have written my press release to launch my VA business in January. Can you tell me what you think?




Contact: Maria Massa



url: www.getquicklink.com


Quicklink your virtual assisstance for today's global office.



Toronto, Ontario January, 2008 –

To put it simply, a virtual assistant or VA is an individual who works from their own office providing professional support service to clients via phone, fax and internet based tecchnology.


“What are the benefits of of a VA you ask?” VA’s provide flexibility some work outside of normal business hours. There is no need to provide office space, hardware and supplies as a VA uses her own resources. In hiring a virtual assistant, a small business owner is able to redirect their focus to revenue increasing activities, instead of drowning in paperwork. And by hiring a VA, businesses eliminate costs associated with hiring a full time employee like benefits and paid downtime.


Maria Massa founder of Quicklink – Virtual Assistant Services is joining this growing field. Maria brings 8 years of customer service experience in industries ranging from Beauty to Property and Automobile Insurance. She successfully completed and obtained her Administrative Assistant Certificate with Stratford Career Institute.


Let Quicklink - Virtual Assistants Services help you with all the tasks that you don't have time for, so you can focus on growing your business. We can help you with all your data entry need services, provide general administrative support, correspondence, email management, appointment scheduling, reminder services, research services and general automobile and property insurance services.




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Hello Maria,


When writing press releases, (especially when announcing a new business launch or grand opening) it is always good to say you are launching in the headline -- adding excitement to the event.


Additionally, press releases are traditionally written in a pyramid format, (and telling a story) meaning the most important information is in the first paragraph, and carried over into the 2nd. As a result, you should include the who, what, when, where and how of your story angle in the first paragraph.


It's also best to present some kind of "local angle" to your release -- how your business will impact the local community, or you are the first of kind in your area, the uniqueness of your business, demographics, and a quote, either by you are a potential client, someone prominent in the community, or someone familiar with running a virtual business, etc.


The media needs a reason to potentially write a story about you and/or from you release (if they are lazy). So, give them a lot of the info they would need to say, "I want to write an article about her business, or new business model exploding the Internet, etc.."


I have not reviewed your article for its basic content, but just tried to provide advise on the elements of what should be included to get it noticed and potentially covered.


I hope this helps,

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