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What's your new name?

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A fellow VA on UK VA's mailing list posted this, and we all had a laugh at our "new" names - so what's your new name?


What’s Your Name?


The following is an excerpt from a children's book, "Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants" by Dave Pilkey. The evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names......


Use the third letter of your first name to find your new first name:


a = poopsie b = lumpy c = buttercup d = gadget e = crusty f = greasy g = fluffy

h = cheeseball i = chim-chim j = stinky k = flunky l = boobie m = pinky n = zippy

o = goober p = doofus q = slimy r = loopy s = snotty t = tootie

u = dorkey v = squeezit w = oprah x = skipper y = dinky z = zsa-zsa



Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:


a = apple b = toilet c = giggle d = burger e = girdle f = barf g = lizard

h = waffle i = cootie j = monkey k = potty l = liver m = banana n = rhino

o = bubble p = hamster q = toad r = gizzard > s = pizza t = gerbil

u = chicken v = pickle w = chuckle x = tofu y = > gorilla z = stinker



Use the fourth letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:


a = head b = mouth c = face d = nose e = tush f = breath g = pants

h = shorts i = lips j = honker k = butt l = brain m = tushie n = chunks

o = hiney p = biscuits q = toes r = buns s = fanny t = sniffer

u = sprinkles v = kisser w = squirt x = humperdinck y = brains z = juice



Here’s an example:

Dianne Reuby = Poopsie Girdlemouth :clown:

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This is so sad. I have hated my real name all of my life. But now it seems that it is not so bad afterall.



Boobie Bubbletush

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Sigh, all of a sudden I wish I had not kept my ex-husband's last name.


Goober Pottybuns


Maiden Name - Goober Livershorts

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