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Finally in print - after two years of trying!

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Darrell (Right-Hand-Man) has posted here before about some press we have received here on PEI for the VA industry.


I was interviewed back in October, and the article has finally just been featured in the local newspaper today. The article appeared with full color pictures of myself and Darrell and is on the front page of the 'C' section of the newspaper. It's a very nice feature article.


Here is the link to the article if you would like to read it!


Darrell must get to sleep in later than I do, I was sure he would have beaten me to this! ;)


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Congratulations Darrell & Jamie Lee. That was a great article! You two are such an inspiration to us all. I have several of your e-books (Jamie, I just read your "The Art of Follow-Up" . . . FANTASTIC!) All you newbie VAs should have this one as well as Darrell's ebooks on RFPs. Well done, guys! :thumbup:



Bonnie Christian

Wiregrass Virtual Assistance

Administrative Support for Today's Busy Professional

www.WiregrassVA.com | bonnie@wiregrassva.com

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Great article

Enjoyed reading it - good shot in the arm for all of us other va's too!

:thumbup: thanks for letting everyone know about what we do.


Success to you both

and plenty more business to come in the future :)


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I just thought I would share a scan of the article with everyone. This way you can see how great we look in the picture. ;)

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I was envisioning a couple of wallet-sized mug shots, but you and Jaime have a full-page spread going on there!!! That is simply FABULOUS!!! You must be on top of the world right now!!!


Get ready for your phones to start ringing off the hook! :thumbup:



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Jaime and Darrell, I add my BIG congratulations to the mountain you have already received!


The article was wonderful news for the two of you, and for the VA industry at large.





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