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Hello everyone:


I just published the redesign of the IAAP NCD site. I had designed the old one; however, I learned a lesson this year. Each year the Board changes and the new President selects a new "theme" to represent her year. This of course means having to redesign the whole site so it incorporates the new president's theme. As you can see from the site, that is a ton of work! (When offering your time on a volunteer basis, ouch!)


I thought you might like to benefit from the lesson I learned from this experience. If you are going to design a site for an association where they want the theme to change each year, set up as much as you can in the CSS and set up include pages. Instead of numerous hours of redesign and copying and pasting information, it should only take two or three hours in the future to redesign a masthead, divider, bullets, and change font colors. No copying and pasting needed.


This is using FrontPage 2002. I understand with FP2003 it is like Dreamweaver in that it will allow better use of templates. Though this works just as well. :)


(1) The masthead is on an include page. I can change the masthead and put the new one on one page and it will propagate throughout the site.


(2) The divider and bullets I can change, I will just give the new designs the same names they have now and they will change throughout.


(3) The theme logo on the chapter and board member pages is on an include page. I will only need to put the new theme logo on that page next year.


(4) The page background image, fonts, cell colors, lists, and scroll bar are on the CSS page. I only need to change the colors there.


Happy designing! :)

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That's good to know Naomi, Thank you for sharing with us. I currently use Dreamweaver and as you said, we can use templates and change them around with out having to re-do the other pages. For those who use Frontpage it's essential to know that you don't have to re-do the work in order to change a theme.


Thanks Naomi,

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Great effort on that web site. The kites are a nice touch


Looking at your site, I like the newsletter you did for IAAP and your direct mail postcard. They both look terrific.


What applications did you use to make them?


Curious TW

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