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Cold Calls give you the Shivers?

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Cold Calls give you the Shivers?


There are several ways of increasing your clientele. Is cold calling one of them? Most definitely! Most freelancers, like many business people, are inhibited by just the thought of making cold calls.


Through some research, I have found many ways to help curb that fear. Below is a simple list of things to do.


Some agree that communication should be sent before the call is made. This, like anything else in life, has its pros and cons. On one hand the person has time to prepare for your contact. On the other, if they know you are going to call and do not want to hear from you, your call will not get past the front desk; or will be erased from the answering machine immediately. This being the possible case, you would want to prepare a follow-up package for after the initial contact, my personal choice, instead of prior to. It’s your decision.


Before you call

  • Know who your're calling
  • Research each company thoroughly. Do you think the company is worth working with?
  • Find out who are the main decision makers and managers
Be prepared
  • Write down main points to discuss
  • Know your objectives
  • Practice the call with a friend
  • Plan how you intend to introduce yourself & your company
Sure you’re ready? Go ahead, pick up the phone.


During the call

  • Refer to the notes you made during you preparations
  • Be careful not to sound like you're reading from your notes
  • Make as many notes regarding your conversation as possible, every little detail
  • Give the benefits of your service(s)
  • Keep the first call to a minimum length
  • Attempt to arrange a face to face meeting to go into more details (if location of client permits)
After the initial contact




Send a follow-up e-mail or package / portfolio. In this package make sure to include your details. Preferably a business card or two. Sounds like a simple thing, but you would be surprised how many excellent intro packages I’ve received and have no idea who they are from or how to contact them.


In your communications make as many references to your telephone discussions as possible. This shows that you were actually paying attention during the call. It also makes your communication veer personal, not just putting their name at the top of a form letter. I will also assist you in the months to come. You may need to go back on these notes to refer to the needs and wants of the customer.


In the end, be assertive, but not aggressive. Also, do not get discouraged if the first calls do not get the anticipated results you are craving. Keep at it, and remember...


It’s your business and only you can make it grow!


Written by "Your Virtual Assistant" - Jeanette Murphy

Edited by JeanetteM

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This is a wonderful article and I've moved it to this forum topic as you requested.


Please edit your article and put your signature/website url on it so if anyone uses it on their website then you will be credited for it. It will be good promotion for your business then too in turn for your work in creating this great article.



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