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Tawnya Sutherland

*FREE* TELECLASS - Filling My VA Practice With ADHD Clients

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Led by Suzanne Evans, Barbara Luther and Vickie Turley


Are you a VA who would like clients with these traits:

  • Creativity, imagination and humor
  • Hyperfocus (the ability to focus on a task and block out all external stimulus)
  • Boundless energy and spontaneity
  • Ability to be a problem solver and think "outside the box"
  • Intense passion
Clients with those amazing traits may also have:
  • Inconsistent performance in jobs or careers; losing or quitting jobs frequently
  • A history of career underachievement
  • Poor ability to manage day-to-day responsibilities (e.g. maintenance of tasks, paying bills, organizing things)
  • Relationship problems due to not completing tasks, forgetting important things, or getting upset easily over minor things
  • Chronic stress and worry due to failure to accomplish goals and meet responsibilities
  • Chronic and intense feelings of frustration, guilt or blame
That's because there are approximately 8 million diagnosed individuals with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in the US and millions more that have ADHD traits, but are undiagnosed. If you have ever worked with clients that embody some of the above, you know how much fun they can be, AND how frustrating they can be.


Our next ADHD VA Training Program for VAs will be starting August 28th and will run for seven consecutive Thursdays. We have already been overwhelmed with requests from ADHD coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants, business owners and families longing for a VA that understands them, supports them, and has the resources/skills to support their success. The clients are ALREADY there--YOU just need the training!


Join us for a FREE teleclass on Thursday August 21st, at 9:00 p.m. EST, that will:

  • introduce you to the ADHD market
  • provide you with a VA ADHD index to see if you are right for this market
  • explain our training program step-by-step
  • inspire you to work with this amazing market and understand the incredible possibilities for a full practice... FAST... with ADHD clients!
To register for this teleclass, just click the link below and hit "Send". We hope to "see" you there!

CLICK HERE to register for the FREE Teleclass



If you have any questions about this exclusive training program, or about ADHD, in general, send an email to Suzanne@BlueprintLifeCoaching.com


Barbara Luther is an ADD coach, ADD instructor and writes on the subject of ADD. Visit her website at www.windbeneathyourwings.com


Suzanne Evans is a VA coach and a client-based business coach. Visit her websites, www.thevablueprint.com and www.blueprintlifecoaching.com


Vickie Turley is a VA and VA Mentor. Visit her websites, www.abalancedalternative.com and www.thevablueprint.com



To register for this teleclass, just click the link below and hit "Send". We hope to "see" you there!

CLICK HERE to register for the FREE Teleclass

Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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