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Free Teleclasses 7/12/04 and 7/13/04

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Just thought that I would share.


Our business coach is having two free teleclasses next week. As a side note: our practice went from 0-65 in 2.2 seconds flat utilizing the principles she taught us.




Think of any great legend or great achiever -- whether it be Einstein, Edison, Walt Disney or Bill Gates. What one thing do they all have in common? They all know how to use the power of their minds to create the extraordinary in a world that settles for mediocrity.


What if there were a way YOU could move from the ordinary to the extraordinary in your business ... just like these great achievers? Wouldn’t you want to know how?


You CAN. Come to our FREE, one-of-a-kind TeleSeminar and learn how to make BIG things happen NOW.


This is the TeleSeminar you want to attend!



VISION POWER: How To Gain Massive Momentum,

Achieve Goals Faster, And Take Charge Of Your

Business Destiny ... The Accelerated Way




Monday, July 12, 2004

1pm EST, 10 am PST


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

8pm EST, 5pm PST


Imagine ...


It is NOW January 2005 ...

And You Have SUCCEEDED In Achieving Your 2004 Business Goals


Notice ...


* How ecstatic you FEEL about you & your success

* What others are SAYING as they congratulate you

* What pride and confidence you SEE in yourself.


What If ... This Were YOU!


Register for this high impact TeleSeminar and learn in 60 minutes how to harness the power of the mind for achieving extraordinary business results.


Whether you are a veteran business owner who thrives on achieving the "impossible" or a newly established entrepreneur who wants to create momentum in your business, this teleclass is just for you.




=> Why 87% of all business owners struggle, compromise or never achieve their desired success ... and what you can do instead


=> What #1 empowering belief will make your business explode ... starting NOW


=> How you can accomplish your goals in record-breaking time


=> How to develop the same mindset as top achievers


=> How to create your own business breakthrough in 2004


=> Why this sounds so easy ... Because it is. When Denise learned to apply these tools and principles, her business went through roof!





Send an email to Becki Noles at rjnoles@virtualaccuracy.com with

the subject line: “I want to make BIG things happen NOW!”

Teleseminar. Indicate in the email whether you will be attending

Monday, 7/12, at 10 am PST or Tuesday, 7/13, at 5pm PST.


Space is limted for Denise’s TeleSeminars. All of Denise’s

previous Teleseminars have filled up quickly so ACT FAST!


Let’s together make BIG things happen NOW!


Denise Corcoran


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This sounds like a wonderful seminar, similar to the concepts Napoleon Hill has in his book "Think and grow Rich". Great read btw and recommend it. I gave a copy to all my kids and hope they one day get as much from it that I did. The power of the mind is an extrodinary thing ;)


I am hoping I can attend this teleclass as well but have to check my agenda first, I will let you know Becki :)



Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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