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To Use "I" or "We"?

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This is quite an interesting discussion. I'm just now building my VA business web site and will be using 'we' since I'm planning to refer work that I'm not qualified to do. And, at some point I might consider expanding to include a full team. I use 'I' on my genealogy research web site because that is just me and I don't do referrals.


Now, how do you get the funny little emoticons in your posts?



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When you click to reply or new topic, you should see little emoticons on the left of the box where you are typing your information. Just click "show all" and then choose the emoticon you're wanting. It will be input into your post.


Hope that helps. :)

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Okay, this discussion is revealing. I reviewed my site because I honestly couldn't remember what I'd written. On the few occasions I did find something it was "we" with the exception of the Meet Your VA page where "I" was used with my picture. So, what did I use if it wasn't I or we? I referenced back the to business name.


Now, I need a therapist cause what does this analyze to mean? :o Rather than saying "We/I offer stellar services" the majority of my copy says, "MaplewoodVA offers stellar services" or "You'll find stellar services here." I think it goes back to my marketing background of a buyer needing to hear/read your business name/message multiple times before it "sticks," and writing press releases that needed to present an unbiased tone. I hadn't realized I wrote this way until now. Very revealing, indeed.





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rolf OK- now that's really funny! I may have to look you up if and when I've a requirement for a copywriter :)


I checked my site after reading Pat's post. I say we, but on the blog, I say I.


I think that maybe me needs a promotion to official blogger for the team!


Will anyone listen to her?


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Hi Tara,


I started a long time ago with 'we' on my site, because I thought that was the proper thing to do in the business world. The problem was, it always sounded wrong to me because, well, I was just ME!


When I changed my copy to say 'I', I felt so much better, and it was actually easier to write everything I wanted to write, because then I only had to write about me, and what I do.


I think it's a personal choice. I don't think anyone will think you're dishonest for using 'we' if you are a one-woman (or one-man) show.


Hope that helps,



I did the same thing, Tracey.


I started out with 'we', but didn't feel right until I changed it to 'I' because it was just me.


I agree, it is a personal choice and whatever you are comfortable with.




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Good Morning VAs,

We hope all of you are well today. It is cold in SW Florida.... When I am blogging, particularly replying to a blog, I use "I" becasue "we" can't all blog at the same time. However, I use "we" when I am sending communications or ads from Callmyofficestaff.com. There is only an "I" at this location, but I do have others that I will outsource different services. Therefore, there is always a "we" on staff.



Edited by Scott in Cape Coral

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