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Dana Fortier

Academy for Legal Virtual Assistants

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Hi everyone -


Here's my Press Release. I'm working furiously on my website today. I had hoped to have it done & ready to go, but I (stupidly) downloaded 32 Trojan Horse viruses last week that completely wrecked my computer. :damnputer:


If you have questions, or you or someone you know would be interested in more info, please DM me, or email me. Thanks!





Telephone: (248) 478-5179

Email: dana@dynamicsupportsolutions.com


Local Business Owner Announces Training Course for Legal Virtual Assistants


Novi, MI – Dana Fortier announced today that she has founded the Academy for Legal Virtual Assistance, a webinar-based training course for the purpose of training legal virtual assistants.


The Academy will train virtual assistants (“VA’s”) who wish to begin working virtually for attorneys, law firms and legal departments and offering support in everything from remote telephone services to legal research and writing.


“VA’s are a growing industry. More and more VA’s are specializing. There are VA’s that only support the real estate industry, VA’s, that specialize in supporting coaches and speakers, and just about everything else. But the field for quality virtual legal support is dangerously slim. The time for providing this type of training has come.”


The Academy is offering two levels of courses with certification exams and will provide continuing education to those who have successfully completed the course work. The first level of course work lasts 16 weeks and the second level continues for an additional 19 weeks. Attendees can opt to take only the 16-week course, or continue for the entire 35 weeks.


The benefit for attorneys is that there will be a great source of quality professionals available for long-term support or to assist with projects that would take up the valuable time of the in-office staff.


“Enhancing the support provided to attorneys already in place is just one of the ways legal virtual assistants can help, and just one of the goals of this course. Another goal is to provide start-up support to newly formed law practices who are operating on a shoestring budget,” adds Ms. Fortier.


Not only will the participants learn the legal support necessary for successful professional legal support, but they will also learn the finer points of starting and operating their own home-based business.


In a recent survey conducted by a leading virtual assistant association, the United States has the largest number of VA’s, followed closely by Canada, then Australia, Europe and the Asias. Clients only pay for time spent on their work. There’s no need to pay for taxes, benefits, equipment, etc. VA’s are hired on an hourly or a monthly retainer basis.


Enrollment for the inaugural March 30, 2009 webinar-based training will open on January 12, 2009. For more information regarding the courses, please contact Ms. Fortier directly.


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Guest Pat Z.

Excellent Dana!


It's about time you shared all that knowledge :) This will be a great option for newer VAs that want to specialize in this field.


Pat Z

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Congratulations Dana! I'm soooo proud of you!!!

Patty Dost

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Thanks for your support everyone!


Now...go tell your friends who are legal secretaries and legal assistants still in the 9-5 and seriously unhappy so they can take the course!


There is special pricing in effect for the inaugural class (limited to the first 15), and reduced pricing for the next couple of classes, too.

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Guest TerryGreen

You Go girl!!! Congratulations ... can't wait to see the website.



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Guest AprilTara

Wow. Congrats Dana. I guess that explains why you were too busy to help out when you volunteered for NAVLA and begged me not to give up on you when you were too busy to contribute. Well, I didn't give up on you and it looks like it paid off for you, so congrats again. And thanks for all of your help with NAVLA. Its always good when we manage to get more out of something than we put into it. :)

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