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Kathy C

Word, Section breaks & headers & Footers

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I am trying to take a document that appears to have a bunch of hidden section breaks and make two things:

1 - Custom header for each chapter.

2 - Custom footer - on odd and even pages - with page number and some words.


I read the help files, watched the demos and the darn section breaks are messing up. I try to put a header in for one chapter and the section break does not seem quite sure where it ends and starts - they keep running into each other.


Demo said you can do odd and even for footer and not for header - but that is not what is happening. I had footer all nice and perfect and one touch of the header - with not differences fro odd and even and boom! My footer messed up.


I am about ready to put my footer into someone's header! Any ideas / help anyone?




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Guest Page2Page

Okay, this is sure a messy one Kathy. I've spent alot of time trying to fix up similar sounding documents in the past.


My best suggestion would be to remove all the headers and footers and section breaks (except those that are part of the formatting), and start again.


If you can't see them, click on the show/hide button on your toolbar (paragraph marker). It will show all of the section breaks, and you can go through and remove them. Tedious I know, but the chances are if you try and make adjustments, it will just keep on being messy.


When you start on the new headers and footers, make sure as you create each Section that you click on the "Link to Previous" button in the Header/Footer toolbar, to separate the sections.


Good luck with it. If you need any clarification, just let me know.




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I feel your pain! I have been there too. It's a nightmare.


I would check that all the section breaks at the end of each chapter are next page section breaks and that you have no extra page breaks.


Do NOT link to previous, if you want each chapter to have different headers and footers. Make sure that different first page is not checked. You do not say which version of word you are using, In 2007 you can have different odd/even footer while keeping all the odd/even headers the same. I seemed to recall it was not such a simple matter in 2003 and earlier versions. It may be that you have to set odd/even headers as well - in which case you can just create identical headers for both odd and even pages.


I hope that makes sense.


Let us know if you manage to sort it out.



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Thank you both for your advice.... those darn section were trouble...

Diane Colville told me(on Twitter) to try copy and paste into a new word document and when I did all but 3 section breaks disappeared - I deleted those left and started from scratch doing what I wanted - with no breaks causing me any more trouble!


VAnetworking forum Rocks!


As i hvae said before - better help files here :rolleyes: than on any Microsoft Site!

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