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Cathy F

VAnetworking eSeminar

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A quick reminder to attend our FREE virtual eSeminar at VAnetworking.com, Wednesday at 6PM EST to help educate, inform and entertain Virtual Assistants and online Virtual Achievers worldwide.


Learn more about this eSeminar today at www.VAnetworking.com/seminars/


VAnetworking eSeminar Info


Time: Wednesday, July 1, 2008, 6 PM EST

Presented by: Jennifer Joyce


Topic: “Mastery of Self: The Alchemy of Personal Transformation”


Learning Topic: Self-Mastery is at the core of everything we do. It is the genesis of all our successes. With Personal Mastery anything is possible; without it, the simplest things are difficult. Jen’s presentations are deeply personal, yet lighthearted and fun. She shares stories and models from her own experience to help promote a better understanding, and engages the audience in discussion and self-reflection with the sole intention of promoting psychological and emotional health.


Please join us at VAnetworking.com on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. EST to open that gates of Mastery of Self: The Alchemy of Personal Transformation


About Jennifer: Jen has spent a lifetime as a student of Personal Mastery – her own and others. She coaches others in their journeys from a place of true knowledge, deep compassion, and courage.

During her 20-year career in leadership development she has coached and mentored hundreds of people, helping them to find, understand, love, and appreciate themselves. She teaches the Three Levels of Personal Mastery: Self-Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery, and Organizational Mastery, with Self-Mastery at the core.


Ps. I know Jennifer personally and I guarantee you won’t want to miss what she has to say. I always cherish the time with Jen because I always walk away inspired and uplifted.


Join us at http://www.VAnetworking.com/seminars

(Leave password area blank when signing in)


NOTE: Please always remember to arrive 10-15 minutes early to download the plug-in if needed before entering the room. It's always good to double check your settings in the seminar room to make sure everything is working properly like your audio and text chat features. Also don't forget to bring a microphone if you have one since this bonus peripheral will allow you to become interactive with us in the seminar room making you more memorable to your peers.

See you at our next VAnetworking VA eSeminar!


To Your Virtual Success,

Tawnya Sutherland

Founder of www.VAnetworking.com

Are You on the Insider Track to Virtual Success?

Become a VAinsider http://www.vainsiders.com




Please let us know below if you are interested in the 360 test as a group by next week July 8th. Thank you.

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Thanks, Tawyna!! I'll be there!! Sorry I haven't been there much, my Mom was pretty bad off and I was needed for rehab. She's doing great & I'm back!! :thumbup:





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